Mayo Midnight Marathon

Last night was the Mayo Midnight Marathon. Kara in her awesomeness found this cool event…and we all signed up! Just after that, about 8 weeks ago…Kara broke her ankle on a training run. We all decided to carryon to still participate and walk/run the 5 km!

This was a total event made for our cape-tastic selves! We broke out full gear for this race…capes, underwears, socks…and custom shirts… we were stylin’!

Mayo-Race...-1 Mayo-Race...-7



How do Ravens prepare for a 5km walk/run? Well we do a bit of pre-run warm-up!

Mayo-Race...-18 (1)


Then we head to the start line all blood pumpin’ ready to GO! It was about 10pm…yes, it was 10pm and the sun was still out going strong!


I must admit I was happy to see the 1 km marker…but also not so happy because I still had 4 kms to go!



But all in all I made it! My first race… my personal goal was to do it in under 50 mins…and I came in around 48 mins! It felt so good… and now I have a target to beat next time!



All of us Ravens went at our own paces…but we did decide to go back and have a shot of us ALL crossing the finish line together!



It was so much fun to participate..Well done Ravens…we rock!!!

Can’t wait for the breakfast tomorrow morning–I heard it’s pretty fantastic!

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