On the Road: Mayo to Faro…

After the Yummy Breakfast that the Mayo Marathon put on…we got into our vehicles and high-tailed it out of Mayo to Faro!

Kennie and I made a few ‘side-stops’…we totally had fun stopping in on the Yukon River near Minto…it was a pretty nice spot along the river.

On-the-Road-to-Faro-1 On-the-Road-to-Faro-2 On-the-Road-to-Faro-4

We surprised Kara and the others when we passed them…because they figured we were way ahead of them! After a stop at Carmacks for onion rings and milkshakes we headed back on the road to Faro.


There is such amazing views along EVERY road in the Yukon!



On-the-Road-to-Faro-7 On-the-Road-to-Faro-8

We went into the Drury Creek Campground… then headed to Little Salmon Lake!  Had to put my feet in some COLD Yukon water!



After 3 times in and out… I had numbed my feet enough to be able to stand in the water for this photo!


…We then made it to Faro!  Had to stop at the BIG haul truck for a photo… and the Faro sign!

On-the-Road-to-Faro-13 On-the-Road-to-Faro-14


Our last ‘full’ group picture together… Kennie headed to Ross later that night to finish packing and then head across Canada!  Tina headed to Whitehorse to fly back home the following day…. but don’t worry, there are still 3 of us left on this crazy adventure and I’m sure we will have some stories to share!

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