On the Road to Skagway, Alaska!

…after spending the night at Little Salmon Lake just a little ways from Faro we got on the road again!  We had a quick stop in Whitehorse to get some cash and do a bit of shopping…then we were back on the road!

Our first stop was Carcross… it started to rain when we pulled off to take this photo! We didn’t let a little rain stop us as we explored the info centre and general store!

On the Road to Skagway 1Jen just standing outside of the old ‘railway’ station…in Carcross!

On the Road to Skagway 2

There was a lot of driving…and the scenery was stunning! The mountains were so amazing… add it a bit of midst/fog and it made it even more magical. On the Road to Skagway 4

We did stop a few times to take in some of the ‘pull-outs’ so we could get out and walk around…. it was so gorgeous!

On the Road to Skagway 6 On the Road to Skagway 7 On the Road to Skagway 9

The thing I sort of knew but didn’t really realize was that to get to Alaska… we actually had to leave the Yukon and dip into Northern British Columbia…(go look at a map!) We passed through the boarder stop of Fraser, BC. On the Road to Skagway (1)

The drive over the last bit of the mountains was pretty fogged in… we were basically in the clouds! On the Road to Skagway 10

I was told that the view behind this sign is amazing… gorgeous mountain peaks… but it was a sky of white for us… kind of made the “white pass” name come true! On the Road to Skagway 12


We came down into Skagway, Alaska… On the Road to Skagway 13

We got ourselves situated at our campground… then had a really fun night out on the town.  On the Road to Skagway 15

We met a few new friends… and enjoyed our time at the Red Onion Salon.. the rain didn’t dampen our spirits at all!

On the Road to Skagway (2)

Stay Tuned for more adventures in Alaska!


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