Last Travel Day…

On Friday we had a bit of a sleep-in… re: we got up about 8:30-9am (to me this isn’t really a sleep in, but for others in the group it is a huge sleep in!) We headed into Haines to do some exploring… we stopped off at the visitors centre…then headed to the Sheldon Museum & Cultural Centre. After we walked through the displays, we wandered past the Hammer Museum…which is one of the ONLY hammer museums in the USA.

Haines to Haines Junction 1

At the suggestion of the volunteer at the museum we headed out of town in the opposite direction of our campground from the night before to go to the Chilkat State Campground.  We decided to have a picnic inside of the camper because of the bugs! But then went outside to explore and take some photos… Haines to Haines Junction 4It was such a gorgeous day.  I was so happy that the mist was just hovering in spots, but we could see the peaks of the mountains.  Haines to Haines Junction 8

After several attempts of setting a timer and then getting into position we finally got a group photo! (it was a really rocky path to get from camera to people!) Haines to Haines Junction 9

Jen and I decided to do some ‘jumping’ photos…
Haines to Haines Junction 15

Jen decided to grab a stick to practice her flying skills… and so did I.
Haines to Haines Junction 17

All I can say is Glaciers are pretty awesome!… Haines to Haines Junction 20 Haines to Haines Junction 25

We headed back into Haines to find the Haines Brewery… It was in this old building that was part of the set that was built for the Disney Movie “White Fang” which was filmed in Haines! Haines to Haines Junction 31 Haines to Haines Junction 27

Some of the other buildings around this old movie set…most of them had shops in them! Kind of cool… I love the ATM machine building! Haines to Haines Junction 32

We got back on the road and stopped just outside of Haines for a little breather from the car…Haines to Haines Junction 37


So here’s a map I just found…it totally shows the route that we did the second week of our trip.  Just for people that like maps but don’t necessarily want to google them for themselves! Here you go… We did Whitehorse to Carcross to Skagway (via car) then Skagway to Haines (via ferry) then Haines to Haines Junction to Whitehorse (via car).
Haines Map


There were stellar views from the truck on our trek today…

Haines to Haines Junction 40

Just a stop at Haines Hwy Summit….with our capes.
Haines to Haines Junction 41

…Jen decided to do a bit more flying on the broom while at the Haines Highway Summit! Haines to Haines Junction 43

After the brief trek through northern BC we headed back into the Yukon!
Haines to Haines Junction 46

Saw a Brown Bear eating dandelions beside the highway! (this brought the wildlife count to: moose, fox, rabbits, bear, eagles…)
Haines to Haines Junction 49

We arrived in Haines Junction… after a brief stop we got back on the road.  At this point we were all pretty tired, and just wanted to get back to Whitehorse…and out of the truck!  (I can’t remember right now how many Kilometres we have travelled…I’m sure Kara can let us know at some point in the future…but it was a lot!)  The 2nd reason we wanted to get back to Whitehorse was we wanted to make the late showing of a movie, but that’s another story for another time! Haines to Haines Junction 51

Shots from the truck… Haines to Haines Junction 52 Haines Junction is a gorgeous spot… Haines to Haines Junction 53 Haines to Haines Junction 54

…up next… our last day together in Whitehorse!

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  1. Keenan

    WOW – what a drive! Digging your jumping pics – guessin’ this is more of a girl thing….but look mighty fun. Jealous of your bear pic. Safe journey 🙂

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