Family Walk at Apex Hudson’s Bay Cabins…

At times I can be a bit of a procrastinator…anyone who knows me knows this fact. Sometimes it takes me heaps of time to sit down to edit photos…if I don’t get around to it within 2-3 days after shooting, then those photos often sit downloaded on my computer months if not years without me editing them!

Where is this story going? Well before I went on holidays at the beginning of June I stayed with my friends Josefina and Eduardo  and their two gorgeous boys in Iqaluit before flying south to Ottawa.  This weekend I managed to edit their images from my shoot and here’s a sneak peak from our shoot down at the Apex Hudson’s Bay Cabins…I’m going to let the images speak for themselves! J & E's Family Shoot_0008J & E's Family Shoot_0017J & E's Family Shoot_0001

This was my second time shooting down at the Hudson’s Bay Cabins in Apex, Nunavut…the first time was before Josefina and Eduardo’s youngest was born.  This time there was beach…but still ice out on the bay! J & E's Family Shoot_0004J & E's Family Shoot_0005

It took some convincing but finally Josefina and Eduardo’s oldest was on board for a photo shoot!
J & E's Family Shoot_0007

…this family is one of my favourites to shoot! J & E's Family Shoot_0010J & E's Family Shoot_0012J & E's Family Shoot_0011J & E's Family Shoot_0013

Finish off with a few B&W images of this sweet family! J & E's Family Shoot_0006 J & E's Family Shoot_0014 J & E's Family Shoot_0015

Thanks Josefina and Eduardo for letting me capture a moment of time for your family!  I can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Iqaluit… hope your summer holidays have been awesome.

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