Happy Birthday Gramma!

Happy Birthday to you…


HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dear GRAMMA….

Happy Birthday to you!

Gorgeous as ever... (December 2012)

Gorgeous as ever… (December 2012)

Hope you are having a fantastic day at the cottage!

(I have a feeling you are internet free there…so you will catch up on this at some point once you are connected again.)

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how lucky I am to be your granddaughter!

You are the best Gramma ever.


One of my Favourite most 'recent' photos of Gramma and I... (May 2011)

One of my Favourite most ‘recent’ photos of Gramma and I… (May 2011)

The photo above is one of the most ‘recent’ shots I have of us together…and that was two years ago…so I think that means a photo shoot is in order next I see you!  (Though we both look fabulous in the photo above.)

Hope you have a fantastic day, sending you lots of love from Pangnirtung…wishing I was with you at Haliburton Lake today celebrating with you!

Luv, Sarah

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