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Loose Parts…

It all started with a purchase back in mid-February of 2009… I finally decided to take the plunge into the digital SLR camera world and with the help of an amazing cousin. She took me to Burlington to her camera guys shop and bought my Canon 50D. This camera and me have been inseparable over the past 4+ years. It was the most expensive item I had ever bought in my life–until I bought my car in January of 2010! Camera Love_0002

We have had many adventures together- lots have been displayed on this blog for you all to see, and some memories captured are safely stored inside private albums for close family and friends.

But then about 3 weeks ago when I was hiking on the other side of the fjord I noticed it…there’s a slight rattle in my camera body. It’s not my lens, it’s in the body…it kind of sounds like a loose screw. At first I just ignored it…not wanting to think about it, there’s no close camera store up here for me to take it to, so if I don’t acknowledge there might be a problem…then of course there isn’t right? Yes… I might have reverted back to the “deny-that-there-is-anything-to-deny-about” phase. I mean this is my camera…my life line…it’s almost always with me! Taking photos is a huge part of my decompressing from work and relaxation. I don’t want to think about it being broken, so it can’t be. I stayed in this phase for about a week.

Camera Love_0001

Then I moved onto the “lets-casually-see-if-there’s-anything-wrong” phase so I talked to my friend Markus about it. We both looked at it…and tried to figure out what part of the body it was coming from… and we think it’s around the pop-up-flash…but we don’t really know. What’s going on with it. But so far so good… the camera seems to be still functioning properly.

So far my camera is still taking amazing photos and there’s no worries right? BUT in the back of my mind I keep wondering… how much longer will it continue to work? This fall I’m going to be in Ontario for a bit…so I’m planning on taking it in for a cleaning/tune up. (yes, I must admit I’ve owned the camera for 4+ years and NEVER had it cleaned/ tuned up.) So hopefully in October I’ll have some more news about the 50D body…and maybe it just needs a good cleaning problem solved!

But this has also gotten me into thinking…maybe I should start to think about upgrading my body. This fall Canon is coming out with a 70D. My amazing cousin counselled me when I bought this camera that you should upgrade your body about every other model. So I have a 50D, didn’t get the 60D but now the 70D is coming out.

Then my mind starts to move and think… is it time to upgrade the body to something else? One friend suggested me getting a 7D…another said I should go full frame with a 5D Mark 11(used from ebay) or a 5D Mark 111….

AHHHHH choices. Out of all the choices I know that I will stay with Canon…it’s just what I’m comfortable with. I’m wondering if it’s time I made the jump to a full frame body…but that means upgrading all my glass…this is a pricey option. (All my current lenses are EF-S lenses…and they are awesome, but don’t work on a full frame body.)

Decisions, decisions, decisions… I wish my cousin was living in Canada and we could go back to her camera shop and talk this out. Because I’m at the point that I’ve read so much, and I don’t know what to choose. Sometimes too many choices are overwhelming. I suppose I need to start putting away savings towards the camera so once I decide I’ll have the cash to buy it!

So do any of you lovely readers have any suggestions?

Family Walk at Apex Hudson’s Bay Cabins…

At times I can be a bit of a procrastinator…anyone who knows me knows this fact. Sometimes it takes me heaps of time to sit down to edit photos…if I don’t get around to it within 2-3 days after shooting, then those photos often sit downloaded on my computer months if not years without me editing them!

Where is this story going? Well before I went on holidays at the beginning of June I stayed with my friends Josefina and Eduardo  and their two gorgeous boys in Iqaluit before flying south to Ottawa.  This weekend I managed to edit their images from my shoot and here’s a sneak peak from our shoot down at the Apex Hudson’s Bay Cabins…I’m going to let the images speak for themselves! J & E's Family Shoot_0008J & E's Family Shoot_0017J & E's Family Shoot_0001

This was my second time shooting down at the Hudson’s Bay Cabins in Apex, Nunavut…the first time was before Josefina and Eduardo’s youngest was born.  This time there was beach…but still ice out on the bay! J & E's Family Shoot_0004J & E's Family Shoot_0005

It took some convincing but finally Josefina and Eduardo’s oldest was on board for a photo shoot!
J & E's Family Shoot_0007

…this family is one of my favourites to shoot! J & E's Family Shoot_0010J & E's Family Shoot_0012J & E's Family Shoot_0011J & E's Family Shoot_0013

Finish off with a few B&W images of this sweet family! J & E's Family Shoot_0006 J & E's Family Shoot_0014 J & E's Family Shoot_0015

Thanks Josefina and Eduardo for letting me capture a moment of time for your family!  I can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Iqaluit… hope your summer holidays have been awesome.

Pangnirtung’s Bowhead Hunt

The summer of 2009 I went out on a boating trip to Kekerten…the historic whaling station located in Cumberland Sound a few hours from Pangnirtung.  I wrote about that experience on my blog ‘Newbie in the North’ this post about my day actually won a Nunie Award in 2009 for Best Post!  Below are a few of the photos from my day there in 2009.  It was an awesome day with friends boating filled with Icebergs and Bowhead Whales.

Kekerton- 2009 Trip 3

This past week has been an exciting week in Pangnirtung.  There was a Bowhead Whale Hunt… the last hunt happened 15 years ago here in this community. The hunts are scattered few and far between because of quotas established by the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.  In 2009, the Board determined that the quota should be three whales per year for over three years. This would be allowable and not harm the numbers of whales. This quota was then extended in 2012 and 2013.  So this means that each of Nunavut’s three regions get one tag per year.  This year was Pang’s turn for the hunt.  In the late 1850s American and Scottish Whalers turned up and worked with Inuit at Kekerten to hunt Bowhead Whales.  So this history of the hunt and the ability to take part in something their ancestors did made the hunt even more special.

I was at work on Tuesday afternoon (August 6th) when I heard that the hunters had gotten the whale.  It was exciting to hear this news!  I contacted an outfitter to see if they could take myself and a group of people out to Kekerten… he said he could maybe do it on the following afternoon on Wednesday, as long as he got back in time from another group he was hired to take somewhere.  This sounded great…as it turned out I didn’t get a chance to get to Kekerten.  The outfitter wasn’t able to return to Pang in time to take our group.  It happens…this is a busy time for outfitters, and I’m glad that they are busy with work.

Some of my friends were able to head out Tuesday night as soon as they got off work.  They ended up at Kekerten just before the whale was brought in.  The following photos were taken by Devin Imrie and he gave me permission to share them with you.  Lots of people from Pang had gone out to ‘camp’ over the long weekend and to wait for the whale to be brought back!  In the end the whale measured at 41 feet, six Inches — more than 12 metres.

Devin Imrie's Kekerten Photos 2

Lots of people from town went to camp at Kekerten to wait for the whale…

Here is the Hunting Party all standing on the whale...excited and happy for a successful, safe hunt!

Here is the Hunting Party all standing on the whale…excited and happy for a successful, safe hunt!

Devin Imrie's Kekerten Photos 3

It took tremendous team work to PULL the whale up…


Sunset at Kekerten!

Sunset at Kekerten!

If you want to read more about the hunt…Nunatsiaq News did a story about it with some more photos HERE. Thanks again Devin for letting me share the photos you took!

On Thursday night I heard word before leaving work that the hunting party had finished the butchering (it took 2 days)…and were packing up camp to come back to town that night!   About 8:15pm I saw on Facebook that someone saw the boats coming into town.  I headed down to the harbour to welcome the hunters back from a successful hunt.  (Just want to warn you if you don’t want to see photos of a butchered whale then please scroll past!)

Hunters Return 1

There was such excitement it’s hard to put into words…people were happy and there were random cheers from the crowds on the side of beach! A group of women gathered and sang a traditional whaling song to welcome the hunting party back to Pang!  The boats were unloaded… lots of mattaq, baleen and bones were unloaded from the boats.

Hunters Return 2 Hunters Return 9Hunters Return 3 Hunters Return 4Hunters Return 11Hunters Return 12

This vertebrae was huge when I stood by it it helped me to realize just how big this whale was!

This vertebrae was huge when I stood by it it helped me to realize just how big this whale was!

Hunters Return 13

Charlie Qumuatuq who was the co-captian of the hunt was telling stories of the hunt…

Hunters Return 16

…playing peek-a-boo looking through pieces of baleen!

On Friday night it was time for the community to gather for a Mattaq Feast… Here some of the hunters gather behind the table of mattaq.

Mattaq Feast 1 Mattaq Feast 3 Mattaq Feast 5

I had my first taste of mattaq it was so good!  I took home a piece and will be making some soup with it tomorrow.  After the feast I headed up to the Community Centre to have some tea and look at a slide show of some of David Kilabuk’s photos from the hunt. So amazing!  Then the youth committee put on an Inuktitut Dance and Games… such a great end to the evening!

Mattaq Feast 7Congrats to all the hunters on a successful hunt… I was excited that I was able to be here for this amazing community event! It was awesome to see so many people come together to work for a common goal.

Mattaq Feast 10

July 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Why Hello there August, where did you come from? Seriously…this month flew by!  The first 15 days I was on holidays in southern Canada…so much fun… then the last 16 days being back at work and settling into my house again has been so crazy!  I am having a hard time with how fast time seems to be moving!   I also realize that on almost EVERY one of these summaries I have said a very similar thing…so perhaps I have a problem with how fast time seems to be moving forward?


(Source: Fat Mum Slim) 

Without any further delay here’s my summary of my photos! (I must admit that some of the photos were taken on days other than the ones posted…it just happened with travelling so much!) Some of my photos were taken with my Canon 50D and some were taken with my iPhone 3GS!

July FMS Photo a Day 1

Day 1: Happiness is… being able to jump for joy!  (this is a photo that my friend Jennifer took for me in Haines, Alaska with my Canon 50D and I LOVE it!

Day 2: Shoes  …My shoe of choice on my Yukon/Alaska adventure…I have tan lines to prove it!  I think I only put on running shoes for my 5km run… Berks all the way!  (Photo taken in Haines, Alaska…with my Canon 50D).

Day 3. Cold  …Friends feet in glacier fed lake…that’s cold! (Photo taken somewhere in the Yukon…with my Canon 50D).

July FMS Photo a Day 2

Day 4. Red, White or Blue  …There’s not much to say about this other than it’s Red, White and Blue! (taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 5. Love  …I had fun visiting my friends and their three children.  I loved watching my friends kids play with bubbles! (taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 6. Fave Smell  …Newborn babies smell so good! I was so excited that I got to go meet Baby Poppy when she was just 12hours old! Thanks for letting me get some cuddles Amanda and Ian! (taken with my iPhone 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 3

Day 7. Where You Are  …I took cupcakes to my Gramma’s house for a snack!  She made my mum and I tea even though she doesn’t drink was an awesome visit!  (taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 8. Path …I took this photo last summer in Pangnirtung…This day I couldn’t get wait to get home in a week to go and do some hiking! (photo taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 9. 3 Things …Simply a Memory Card, Card Reader and an external drive. (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 4

Day 10. Smooth    …I got to go to visit family at Haliburton Lake where our family cottages are…the lake was super smooth! (photo taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 11. I Wore This!   …While I was on the beach at Haliburton Lake I wore sunscreen but still managed to get burned! (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 12. A Bad Habit  …One bad habit I have that I’m not that proud of…is that I pick at the sides of my nails on my thumbs when I’m stressed out!  It’s a gross and bad habit combined! (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 5

Day 13. 4 O’Clock  …I was finally able to get into my hotel room!  I was delayed checking in for about 2 hours because a bridal party trashed the room and it took 2 hours + 4 house keeping staff to clean the room.  They took 8 Bags of garbage out of that room! (taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 14. Edible   …Mmmmm chocolate mint shake from the Works!  So good…too my mum there for dinner and introduced her to the tower of rings!  (Photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 15. Outside the Window  …here was the view outside of my window on my flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit!  Goodbye Ottawa… (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 6

Day 16. Bottle  …it’s pretty self-evident, it’s a bottle! (Photo taken with an iPhone 3GS).

Day 17. Inspirational  …Looking out on the Pangnirtung Fjord from the Kuulik River…I live in such an inspirational and beautiful place! (photo taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 18. Number  …My house number…we don’t have street names, so your house number is your address and how people figure out where you live!  (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 7

Day 19. Building  …Here’s the GN (Government of Nunavut) Building where I work.  (photo taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 20. Hot  …Despite the the weather being only 9 to 12C I was so hot after hiking up this hill!  But it was worth the view… (photo taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 21. Fave Food  …Tuna fish casserole = comfort food! (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 8

Day 22. Grey  …Just a few grey clouds in the sky tonight! (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 23. I Drew This!  …Just some random doodles while I was talking on the phone tonight…something I totally do all the time! (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 24. D is For…  dishes! The right hand sink is dirty…the left hand is clean, dishes are a never ending chore…that I hate! (photo taken with my 3GS).

July FMS Photo a Day 9

*   this is my FAV trio of FMS photos I have taken…love how they all look together!!   *

Day 25. Ground  …I love Arctic Cotton, and there’s plenty of it on the tundra!  (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 26. The Everyday  …Everyday the tide goes in and out…here’s a shot of it at low tide! At high tide all of this ground would be under 5-6 feet of water! (Photo taken with my Canon 50D).

Day 27. Black + White …Taken while I was on a walk at low tide…beside the Pangnirtung Fjord looking towards Cumberland Sound! (photo taken with my Canon 50D).

July FMS Photo a Day 10

Day 28. This is New!    …While I was on holidays I finally replaced my everyday-hiking shoes…my old pair were 4 years old and have had “air-conditioning holes” in them for about a year…I might have been procrastinating a bit…but glad to finally get a new pair of shoes! (photo taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 29. Perspective    …Looking out a plane window puts life into perspective…it reminds you of how you are just one small part of the bigger picture! This was taken somewhere over the Cumberland Sound with my Canon 50D.

Day 30. Friendship   …I’ve been blessed with so many awesome friends!!  (taken with my iPhone 3GS).

Day 31. Workspace  …I’m travelling for work this week…so my workspace this week is in my hotel room! (taken with my iPhone 3GS).


Well there you have it another month done!  So who wants to play next month? Here’s the list for prompts…


 (Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the first 6 months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!

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