World Photography Day


Today is WORLD PHOTO DAY…I had great intentions of going for a walk after work, and taking some photos…but it was drizzling and kind of grey and cold outside.  So that kind of turned me off of going out to shoot some ‘new’ photos.  Instead I decided to go through my archives and share a few photos from my trip to France last September! I never did get around to blogging some of those…so without any further preamble, here are a few views from around France.

Notre Dame

View of Paris from the top of Notre Dame

Paris, France

Sunset on the top of the Arc de Triomphe nice views!


Enjoying the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles

Bordeaux, France

Visiting a Vineyard outside of Bordeaux, France!

There’s just a peak of some of the gorgeous views I saw when I was in France.  Just remember that you don’t have to go to exotic locations to take photos…grab your camera and shoot your backyard, neighbourhood on a walk! Photography is art…and the more photos you take the more your photography style develops!

Bordeaux, France (1)

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