Yukon 2013

Photo Credit: Jennifer Eichenberg

Keno Hill, Yukon  (Photo Credit: Jennifer Eichenberg)

I realized today that it has been two months since I started my epic Yukon Road trip!  The trip was such an amazing one…filled with so many good memories and laughs.  Over the last two months this trip hasn’t been far from my thoughts.  I think a good holiday is suppose to be like that you fill up your memory bank so that when you need a little boost, you can start laughing about random memories with really good friends!

Indigo's RavensIndigo's Ravens

Throughout the trip I did do a bit of blogging and had heaps of photos from the adventure…tonight I went through my archives because I was working on another project and decided to post a few of them over here on “Sarah on the Road”…but with some links back to more photos and stories from the Yukon over at “Indigo’s Ravens”. Indigo's Ravens

So if you want to look at all the fun from the first day on the road…or adventures in Dawson City, the Order of the Sour Toe and then some Hangover Madness!
Indigo's Ravens

There was a race to be run in Mayo and exploring in Keno City!  Random times with bearded-lady-hats on the side of the road...With a few days rest in Faro and exploring the awesomeness of Kara’s hometown.  Indigo's Ravens

Then it was back on the road minus 2 of the crew to head to Alaska! Taking the White Pass train in Skagway... then a ferry ride to Haines, then exploring Haines, Alaska… the last travel day on the road!  Then there was two fun filled days in Whitehorse before the trip was over and it was time to head back on the plane.  Then there was a whole bunch of crazy things overheard by Little Raven on the trip! Indigo's Ravens

It was a gorgeous trip…so great to meet friends face-to-face for the first time…and the camping-road trip adventures was an awesome experience.  I just can’t believe it’s over…We totally need to plan another trip in another part of the country at some point in the future!  Until the next time I’ll have my memories and photos from the trip to tide me over! 

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