Christmas Happenings…

Wow it’s been a crazy fun week filled with heaps of events and fun!  I started off my Christmas celebrations with a Christmas pot-luck at my neighbour’s house Christmas Eve.  The Turkey with all the trimmings was amazing… my neighbour is an incredible cook! It was a great night with lots of great conversations with friends.   Christmas Eve PotLuckOn Christmas morning I opened up all my packages my family had sent up… wow, I am so blessed!  My family knew what to send the girl living in the arctic: chocolate, books & cherry nib liquorice sticks!  (all my favs…plus a few other things thrown into the mix!) Thank you all so much for sending me up a little something to open up!
Christmas Morning Blessings 1

My little tree surrounded by my Christmas gifts… Christmas Morning Blessings 7

I opened up my FMS Gift Exchange gift…. WOW thank you Laura so much!!! Everything was amazing… Loved seeing the photos of the cottage where you live. The Clay pot that your boyfriend made…and camera stamp & pad where all so thoughtful and awesome gifts!!

FMS Gift Exchange

For Christmas Dinner I had a few of the nurses in town over…I made roast lamb with all the trimmings!  (…first time I made a roast and it totally turned out awesome!) Another person brought ham as well…so it was such a full and good meal with friends!

Christmas Eve Dinner...

On Boxing Day I was hit with a migraine…I know I need to take my meds to stop the craziness but missed the window…so was pretty much out for the day!  (but it was a good rest…just wished my head didn’t hurt so that was the reason that I had to stay in bed!)

Friday I headed off to work for the day…and then after work to the Gym at the high school to participate in some of the games! It was great fun with friends… I sat with my friend Eeta and her family!

Christmas Games

One of the best activities ever…these ladies had 10mins to create their partners into a Santa…using just gift wrap & tinsel garland and had to share tape!  Christmas Games-

I couldn’t believe how awesome these “Santas” turned out! Christmas Games

Most of the night was spend chilling with friends…but I did manage to do the Number Dance…but wasn’t the last one standing!  Christmas GamesOn Saturday I had my friend & quilt mentor come over… she’s going on holidays in January.  Our plan was to put together on block for my quilt, this was so I knew what to expect and could do the process again 19 times.

1st quilt block 1Lesson I learned that day… that even a 1/8 of an inch difference in a seam can make a HUGE difference when you are trying to make a 6 inch square block to start!  I got a wee bit frustrated at one time…because the middle square wasn’t square at all.  I might have even said this will be my first and last quilt…but in the end it all turned out.

1st quilt block 2I decided to hang it here above my sink…because it makes me so happy to look at it! I’m pretty excited for what my quilt will finally look like…. only 19 more blocks to go.  (Once I finish sewing all the strips!)

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Happenings…

  1. Monica

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I didn’t realize you are a nurse, so a I 🙂 Wishing you only wonderful things for 2014!

  2. Tannis

    It definitely looks like you’ve had a crazy fun week! My favourite is the line of ‘gift wrap santas’; they all look so fantastic.
    Your quilt square looks amazing! It’s going to turn out really well.
    Hope 2014 is off to a great start for you. 🙂

  3. Keenan

    I second everything said by Tannis — awesome Christmas dinner, great looking Santas & I’m fast becoming a fan of your quilting project. Bests in 2014! Love following your journey Sarah!

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