December News…

It’s such a busy time of year…I’ve been meaning up sit down and update the blog to catch up on all the awesomeness of what I’ve been up to, but there just hasn’t been time!  So here’s a quick catch up of the events from the last 2 weeks!

I wanted to post the awesome birthday gift I got from my secret elf…from the FMSGiftExchange!  I got this cute card…and awesome camera necklace.  It’s PERFECT, so ME and something I’d never think to buy myself!  I love it…I can’t wait to open the other goodies under my Christmas tree in a few more days.

Birthday Gift from Ireland

My office had their Christmas party on December 13th…( my Birthday) so it was fun to go to a HUGE pot-luck dinner and not have to cook.  I had prepared earlier a lasagne…maybe not so “Christmas” Dinner appropriate, but it’s my favourite meal and usually have it on my Birthday!  It was a fantastic night with my co-workers…with a secret Santa exchange!  I got this amazing Ansel Adams calendar…another perfect gift for me. Christmas work Party 7Christmas work Party 1

The night finished off with some awesome dice games…I was close but didn’t win any of the prizes! This was at the end of the “phone-book” ripping game… Christmas work Party 6


This past Tuesday and Wednesday the schools had their Christmas concerts.  I wasn’t able to go to the Elementary school’s concert…but did attend the High School’s concert.  My friend’s son was in one of the numbers because he goes to the high school daycare.  The kids were so cute…and did such a great job! Christmas Concert in Pang 2

There were many different numbers from the various classes…drum dancing & throat singing! Plus lots of funny skits…I remember doing the “feeding” skit from when I was a teen in youth group…nice to see it’s still a hit with kids today! Christmas Concert in Pang 7

Yesterday, Santa came to town for a quick visit and a parade around town.  Afterwards he met children at the community centre and gave out yo-yos!!  I suppose that’s the luck when you live so close to the North Pole…Santa can come visit just days before Christmas!  Santa & Pizza party...  1 Santa & Pizza party...  2

Saturday night I had some friends over…and we made PIZZA!  Making pizza (dough from scratch) has become a favourite dinner for me, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this…so it was time to it up!  Santa & Pizza party...  3 Santa & Pizza party...  6 Santa & Pizza party...  7

Later that night, after dinner I had some gals over to watch “Love Actually” one of my ALL-TIME favourite Christmas videos!  It was nice to have some friends over for a girls movie night!  It’s nice to fill the darkest day of the year with friends and fun activities!  I enjoyed my 2 hours and 40mins (approximately) of daylight…and looking forward to the return of the sun in February and longer days of light!

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