A Crisp Arctic Walk…

On Saturday I headed over to a new friend’s house to collect her to go for a walk.  The idea was to enjoy some of the daylight…and take some photos.  I got to her house just before 1 o’clock… it was -28C with the windchill was -32C!  We were both bundled up…and off we went.
A Crisp Arctic Walk..._0001

There’s something about a crisp walk in the Arctic winter that gives you a clarity and makes you happy.  I honestly LOVE the winter…it was on the verge of being a bit too cold…but it was ok! It was an awesome walk, with lots of great conversation and laughs!
A Crisp Arctic Walk..._0002

Looking out to Cumberland Sound

We headed down to the FAR end of town (from where I live)…near the end of the runway and looked at the sun starting to set! We stopped to take a few new photos…I took the awesome ones in my new header!!! Playing around with my camera and the timer.  I need to remember to bring my tripod, but I’m getting really resourceful at using my camera bag as a tripod…and it doesn’t weigh as much as lugging a tripod!

A Crisp Arctic Walk..._0004

This end of town has a lot of the main communication satellites for the community….I think these ones are for the radio station and cable tv.

A Crisp Arctic Walk..._0006

Town is still in the shadows…but the sunlight touching the tops of the mountains makes me a bit more optimistic! A Crisp Arctic Walk..._0005

After walking around for about an hour (with a quick stop at my friend’s house to warm up before we walked the 15mins to my house) we ended up back at my house…and these photos of “frosty” me were taken.  (all of this happened in that last 15min walk!) I wasn’t cold.   This is one of the hazards of walking around in the cold…your warm breath will freeze and land on your face/eyelashes, hat etc.  I was too hot to wear my parka hood…but should have worn it anyways…(probably could have taken off my hat bc I was over-heating with the hat + my hood and that’s why I didn’t pull it up!) This is because then the fur from the trim of my hood would have caught all of this frozen breath and not had it land on my face!  Getting so much frost on your face is fun for photo shoots, but can be dangerous…and lead to frost bite.  Luckily that didn’t happen… but it’s something to think about and why having real fur on your parka hood is so important when you live in the Arctic!

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6 thoughts on “A Crisp Arctic Walk…

  1. Tara

    Awesome! I miss going outside…it’s been in the -50 to -60 range for the past month and a half (though sometimes it inches into the -40s). I just can’t make it out for any length of time without risking severe damage! My sealskin parka keeps the upper body warm, but my legs lose feeling after about 10 minutes.

    Anyway, great pics! It brings me back…I really miss the mountains and all the cool shadows they make. Hang in there – the sun will reach Pang full-time soon!

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  3. Philip Newton

    Do you have to take any special measures to make sure your camera (and/or its batteries) work in those temperatures?

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