After the Storm…

It was a ‘fun’ afternoon, after I finished my post yesterday. I battled the wind to go to my neighbours house.  I spent an awesome afternoon watching ‘Planes’ with them and having an awesome dinner. Spinach salad + curry + pea soup…my neighbours are amazing cooks!  I thought I had died and gone into blizzard heaven!

Blizzard food

Overall it was a long night…the winds didn’t get as high as predicted…but did get up to 100-114kms!  For the life of me I couldn’t sleep…finally fell asleep about 4am, only to wake up at 7:45am to get ready to go back to work!  I was lucky as my neighbourhood kept power for the whole storm, but some other parts of Pang were without power for about 14hours.
Day after windy day! 1

During the storm my neighbour went to check on his snowmobile crate…to make sure it was secure and wouldn’t move….
Day after windy day! 4

Here’s my front door on the left and my neighbours on the right… that little walk nearly blew me over!  My door opens OUT and in order to get out I had to push my way out…with my shoulder and all my body weight to get the door open!

The one thing about this storm? it blew what little snow we had…away!  It’s so weird to see the tundra this bare at this time of year.  Today during my lunch when the sun was up…I snapped these last three photos.

Day after windy day! 2Day after windy day! 3 Day after windy day! 5It’s so weird not having any snow…especially since most of my friends down south are swimming in too much snow right now!

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3 thoughts on “After the Storm…

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      Cheryl, that would be wonderful…please send lots of snow!!! I was excited this morning when I woke up because it was snowing on my way to work…. But by 11am it had cleared and we only had like 1 or 2cms!!!

  1. Keenan

    We’ve had snow 5 of the last 6 days — another 4 inches today. Sidewalks are like walking thru tunnels — snowbanks on both sides, We received 3x our average for January — and this is Colorado! Tonite’s low is -12F (-25C). Crazy cold for us runners! That said, LOVE this time of year 🙂

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