The Sopranos

This weekend I decided finally take some time to watch the Sopranos.  I never watched the show when it aired from 1999-2007. My friend Morena lent me her DVD copies of all the season…I’ve had it for almost 2 years.  (I might be a bit of a procrastinator…and managed to watch a few other series (Walking Dead, Downton Abbey & Game of Thrones…to name a couple) before I started on the Sopranos.  I think I knew when I started it I’d be hooked…and want to watch the WHOLE thing without stopping.  Well over the weekend I managed to watch all 12 episodes from the first season.


I must admit…I’m a fan.  Now I need to find another blocks of time with nothing else to do  in order to watch more.  I don’t know about you…but it’s hard to stop at just one episode if I know I have the next one.

Have you watched the Sopranos? If you have…please no spoilers!

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