#ABrightProject: Task#1

Last year I participated in Fat Mum Slim’s International Christmas gift exchange–the one where you stalked your giftee via social media and then send them off a wonderful surprise in the mail.  In the Gift Exchange Facebook Group  Carly Grace Lloyd announced how she was starting to organize A Bright Project for 2014.  It would be designed to help women feel better about who they are as a person and encourage others by creating a *Bright* community.  Throughout the Year Carly is sending out *bright tasks* for us to complete.  Each month there is a personal task and then there’s a social task to help encourage another woman in the project to look and be the brightest they can be!

I wanted to join because I wanted to take time to reflect about where I’m going, getting snail mail and connecting to a larger community of like minded women.  At first when I emailed Carly about the project…it wasn’t open to Canadians.  But then she asked if I’d be ok joining the American group…and I said no problem!

During our fist task…we had to pick a word for 2014.  My word is: Creativity…It seems like until very recently, I’ve stopped a lot of the ‘creative’ tasks I did as a child and young adult.  I want to start those hobbies up again, and take time to express myself using creative methods.  I also want to push myself to think outside of the box…look for creative ways to reach my goals! It’s always good to switch it up.

This month I was paired up with my *Bright-Half* from Tennessee, USA. (I didn’t ask her first if I could put her name on this blog…) During this first task we have battled the postal system…(my package to her via an Etsy shop was never delivered…I *think* a replacement is on the way to her but I’m not 100% sure… and my letter&package was returned to me because the post office in Pang didn’t charge me enough postage when I took it in there…I just re-posted it before I left on my holidays earlier this week…I seriously hope that the package gets there soon!)

Friday before I left Pang for my holidays…I went down to the post office and found that my package from my *bright-half* had arrived!  I was so excited…even though it was taunting me on my desk at work, I was busy finishing up things for work so waited until I headed home to open it all up.

A Bright Project

Here’s all the wonderful ‘surprises’ that were inside… two AWESOME quilting magazines…maybe I’ll get inspired to start a new one. But have to finish the one I’ve started first! A personalize note, and wonderful scrap booking quotes that I can put around my house and/or desk area to remind me to be creative!

A Bright Project 1

One of the tasks was to create a visual reminder for your *Bright-Half* to remember her word for the year… I absolutely LOVE the frame that was given to me.  The quotes are so perfect…it’s already sitting on my dresser in my bedroom.  Thank you SO much for your wonderful gifts!  A Bright Project 2

I’m excited to be a part of this project…I’m just finishing up Task#2.  But I suppose that’s another story for another day!

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