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Keeping Warm: {Guest Post}

Bailie and I first “met” through a photography challenge over 2 years ago that was hosted by another blogger.  Ever since then we have kept in touch via social media.  It’s always a joy to read about her stories of living in Sweden.  Please do click over and check out her regular postings at The Hemborg Wife! Thanks Bailie for agreeing to share a little bit about keeping warm in the long winter days— I will think of you this week while I’m lying on a beach in the sun.


Hello lovely readers of Sarah! I am Bailie from The Hemborg Wife where I blog about life in Sweden as an American!

I am very happy to be here today and share my tips for winter happiness.

While Sundsvall, the city I currently call home, does not get quite to the temperatures that Sarah is used too it is still quite cold and snowy here. It was a huge change from my native Southern California but I have found a few things that keep my spirits up in the long cold days.

Mr. & Mrs Hemborg Wife

1. Candles, candles, candles – Natural light is king and artificial light is queen but candles make things cozy and romantic. I have candle holders all over the apartment and stock up on tea light candles at IKEA.

2. Bright accessories – I have a black winter coat and brown boots so they are versatile but love adding in a bright red scarf or a hat with a fun design. When you are going to bundle up for months on end a bit of color goes a long way.

3. Lotion – Cold weather and radiators are going to make your skin dry and itchy so a bit of lotion morning and night will keep you with touchable skin and not feeling like a piece of sandpaper.

4. Warm Beverages – Whatever type of warm beverage is your thing stock up and indulge at will. I often have a huge cup of coffee in the morning and then at least two other cups of tea during the day. You just wrap your hands around the mug and feel warm from the inside out!


Feb 6, 2014-walk in Pang 1

Well today is my second day of holidays!  Friday night I left Pang on the evening flight after work.  I think it was the first time that I had packed and cleaned my house for my house sitter….and finished it all about 5 hours before my flight (during my lunch break from work)!

I spent the night in Iqaluit with my friends and their two boys.  I love these two so much, they are such fun ages.  It was just a short visit but a good one!  Iqaluit FriendsIqaluit friends

Taking off in Iqaluit the wind was blowing the snow across the runway. There’s something about Iqaluit that the snow always blows just across the runway.  On my flight I bumped into one of my favourite flight attendants…I met her on my trek to Yellowknife last spring when I was trying to get home to Pang from Ottawa. It’s always fun to run into a familiar face…she also was working on the flight that I came north on last November. I love how the north is such a small community and you can get to know your flight attendants and crew. Snow blowing across the ground on the runway

Taking off looking out the window at the Sylvia Grinnell River…sylvia grinnell river

It’s been a great few days to start my holidays here in the south.  Sunday I went over to my brother and sis-in-laws to visit their new house in Newmarket.  Then last night I went over to have dinner at my Gramma’s house.  It was nice to visit her and Bart.  It was nice to be treated to two awesome home cooked meals and to some family dinners!

On Thursday early morning my mum and I are leaving the country for some fun in the sun!  I can’t wait to just lie on the beach, sleep in the shade, read books and drink fruity cocktails.  We are heading to San Salvador, El Salvador…I’m looking forward to a holiday.

I’m going to be offline over the next few weeks but have asked some blogging friends to stop by Sarah on the Road and share some of their adventures here with my readers!  I hope you enjoy them… as much as I did.

Up Here Magazine

A few months ago Samia Madwar a writer for Up Here Magazine contacted me via email.  She wondered if I had time for an interview about Blogging in Nunavut.  At the time I was ‘stuck’ in Iqaluit…and hoping to get home, but wasn’t sure when that would happen because of the weather.  I got home and we were able to chat about my experiences blogging in Nunavut.

One of the things Samia and I talked about was that I’ve been blogging for ‘almost’ 5 years now…it’s so much fun to look back at my early posts.  I can see growth and change…not only in my writing style but also in my photography. One of the things I love about this is it is a record my past adventures and makes me remember times from when I felt like a ‘newbie’ and totally out of my element…now those ‘differences’ don’t seem so ‘different’, they are just part of every day life.

Feb 6, 2014-walk in Pang 2

Well today I found the link to the article: Not another southern blogger in the Up Here Online Jan/Feb Edition. I was pretty excited to see that one of my quotes had been included along side some other amazing bloggers!  It was pretty exciting to be included with fellow Nunavut bloggers: (Iqaluit), (Rankin Inlet) and (Iqaluit)…three blogs that I regularly read. But it was exciting to find a new blog to read (Cambridge Bay)!

Thanks Samia for doing such a great piece talking about the ins and outs of bloggin’ in Nunavut as a southerner!

Quilting 102

In the last week any spare moment I haven’t been working or hanging out with friends…I’ve been busy sewing…sorry for no updates over here on the blog!  I started a quilt in December…tonight at 11:11pm I finished sewing the last seams to finish my 20 quilt blocks. I still have a long ways to go until I have a finished quilt…but I’m celebrating each stage as they happen!

1st quilt block 1

I was pretty excited when I finished my first quilt block!!! But then realized how much more sewing I had until I was done the other 19… My kitchen table has turned into sewing central with all the material laid out with my sewing machine set up at the end of it…my freezer has my mini ironing board  set up on it! It is great being able to have a space I can leave everything set up so I can work on it as the mood strikes!

Quilting 102_0002

Here’s some of my instagram shots of my excitement as the quilt was progressing…. I was at this point on Sunday night.  The I woke up on Monday morning and looked at my work.  I was so proud and then I realized that I had sewn the sets of 6 strips on the wrong sides of the centre block.  It probably would been ok to just leave the 19 blocks and 38 seams alone…and just change the one finished block to match the other 19…but I thought about it. At lunch I came home and started ripping out the 38 seams… I re-ironed, re-pinned, and re-sewed the 38 pieces!

Quilting 102_0006

After all that work.. I was tired and didn’t want to sew anymore.  But did decide to take the time to cut the sets of 16 strips to get them ready for the final sewing…

Quilting 102_0005

I have learned the importance of pinning… at first I didn’t want to pin.  BIG mistake.  But even though it was time consuming the strip sets that I pinned turned out so much better.  (yes in the photo below that’s a pin on every seam edge I’m going to sew across to help sew them in the right direction!)

Quilting 102_0003

Getting close to being done… the final push to pin and sew was on!!

Quilting 102_0004

YES!! the blocks are done… now the work of joining them together and then the hand quilting will begin… Can’t wait until I get my next lessons about those steps and any others I might need to take. (I’m learning as I complete each stage.)

Quilting 102_0001

I put down the blue strips that will join the blocks for the photos… and love the random, scrappy quilt I’m on my way to making!!! I can’t stop smiling…it’s not even finished and I love it already!

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