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Tara and I met in Pangnirtung in August of 2009, honestly it seems like yesterday and is hard to believe it will be 5 years this August!  She helped me celebrate my 30th birthday in style in Iqaluit that December  and she helped make the birthday weekend extra special! We have stayed friends over the years and  often our paths have crossed in different communities in Nunavut.  Tara has lived in all 3 regions in Nunavut…Pangnirtung, then Qikiqtarjuaq (in the Qikiqtani Region).  Then made the move west to the Kitikmeot Region and lived in Kugluktuk (I visited her there a few years ago when I was travelling there for work!) .  Then she moved back east to the Kivalliq Region and has settled in Rankin Inlet (where she saved me and brought me food from my crazy long day of being re-routed while trying to get home!) .  Tara is a fantastic writer and I’m so happy to have her stop by Sarah on the Road to share.   Make sure you go check out The Daily Muise for more stories of Tara’s Adventures.


On the Land with Coffee_481

I don’t have the best track record when it comes to meals before noon, but I’ve be doing pretty good since I started my new job. The reason for that, I suppose, is twofold. First off, I live across the parking lot from my workplace…I don’t really have to put a lot of time into ‘commuting’. Second, if I don’t get something at home (because I slept in, yet again, and had to choose between a shower and breakfast), the kitchen staff here at the facility have great muffins, yogurt, granola, etc. available. I’m spoiled.

Today was one of those days where I opted for a sit-down meal at home. As I sat there chewing on a bagel and wondering if it would be a good idea to start setting my alarm clock earlier to allow for more ‘waking up’ time, it suddenly dawned on me….”Hey, the sun is up. It’s 8am and it’s not dark anymore!”

Yes, the spring turn-around has begun. Although the days technically start getting longer at the end of December, I never really seem to notice until February. I really need this…

It’s been a tough couple of weeks here and the constant getting up when it’s dark, going to work when it’s dark, coming home when it’s dark, going to bed when it’s dark is just…dark. Although Rankin Inlet has been having daylight hours, my classroom doesn’t have any windows and I’m here from 8:30 to 5:00. I can only mark the passage of time by taking note of the moon position when I enter and leave work.

…oh, BTW, vitamin D supplements and SAD lights don’t seem to help me one bit…

I know that, at a certain point, I will be rejoicing the return of darkness…it’s something that is needed after days of sunlight spliced with only brief moments of twilight. But for right now, I’m just going to enjoy all the rays I can. If my 73-second walk in the morning can be guided by light, it’s better than nothing.

Unless you suffer from porphyria or are a vampire who has been around for centuries, wouldn’t you agree?

Musical Score to this post: Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles)

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1 thought on “The Daily Muise {Guest Post}

  1. Tara

    Yay!!! I’m famous now! I look forward to hearing about your vacation adventures sometime soon. Be nice with the details though…the rest of us have been hanging out in -50C weather for the past month.


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