#ABrightProject: Task #2

Task #2 for #abrightproject was completed just after I got back to Pang… it was due on Feb 15th…but I didn’t get my letter written before I left for El Salvador…and the week I was back before coming back north was crazy-fast-paced!  So I ended up being a few weeks late (yes, vacation, travelling and maybe some procrastination might have all been factors.)

Moving on… Task#2 focused on self-love… one of the parts of our task was to post 10 selfies on our instagram accounts.  At least one of them had to be without a filter…and you had to tag them and add things about yourself you liked!  Then other people participating in #abrightproject commented and left affirming comments for the people that posted photos.

Selifies are something a lot of people love to hate.  But I really don’t have a problem with taking a photo of myself because I look at it like documenting a moment in time.  If you’ve been a reader at Sarah on the Road  for any amount of time you will realize that ‘selfies’ are something I do quite often.  Why? I find it’s a way to put me IN the picture…often after going somewhere or doing something I find that I didn’t have a photo of ME at that spot… I have heaps of photos of friends, family and other people…but none of me.  Taking a quick selfie is a way to document that moment…even if that means laughing at the photos later!


The other part of the project was a bit harder…it was the self-reflection part.  The heart of the month’s challenge was to help us take a look at ourselves and what we thought of ourselves.  Looking at our appearance…what do you think of yourself? what is our is that self-talk? What do we feel in our hearts of hearts about ourselves? Wow…those are some loaded questions.  Honestly, this is something I’m working on but sometimes struggle with to this day.  I try to ‘fake-it-til-I-make-it’ and often try to portray myself as a person that doesn’t struggle with how I feel about my appearance.  Sometimes I can do that…and that image of everything is all good is pulled off for the people around me.  But sometimes that portrayal isn’t so strong as I thought it was….and people see through the cracks.  One thing during this task I really tried to stop was the ‘self-hate’…i.e.) that little voice inside of my head that would often shout horrible things about myself. Instead I had that little voice say something good & positive any time it thought something negative.  (It’s a struggle, honestly…but each day if I can consciously stop…then I have faith that soon that negative voice won’t be around…and I will continue to fake-it-til-I-make-it…and it doesn’t seem fake, because I won’t feel that way anymore and it will be truth instead.)

The social part of my task was comment on my Bright Half’s photo…and then send her a letter talking to her about your process and how you feel about yourself.  The more important thing was to affirm her and give her 5 points that were awesome that you learned about her through her self-protraits she posted on instagram!

My letter was waiting for me when I got back from my holidays in February… it was so exciting to get mail that wasn’t bills!


Those little tags each held an affirming statement my Bright Half saw in me from looking at my selfies…it was an awesome gift, thank you!!!

Task #3 was all about being Grateful…I’ve sent off my parcel, but haven’t received mine yet…it’s on it’s way…but who knows when it will arrive here in Pang!  Once I receive it I’ll do a post explaining more about this task!


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