Downside of Duty Travel

I think one of the most horrible things to have happen while you are on “duty travel” aka working not in your home community and travelling for work for meetings or courses etc. that’s for anyone that doesn’t know GN (Government of Nunavut) speak. Is getting sick…

evidence of sickness


Last Friday I felt it coming on..a sore throat and the start of a running nose…it didn’t stop me from going over to a friend’s house to help celebrate her daughter’s 11th birthday that night.  Saturday I fought the feelings of the sickness even though my face was a snotty mess…I did meet a friend for lunch and had a low- key dinner with friends (which was so yummy and awesome!)  Sunday, after relaxing in my hotel room I did get out to a friend’s house to help celebrate her son’s 5th Bday…but alas still had the nasty running nose. (Don’t worry I checked with everyone before I met up with them…most of them or their kids have the same cold I seem to have!)   Now Tuesday evening…I finally am ready to admit I’m sick, and I feel nasty…my nose has decided to stop running, but then 10mins later starts dripping again…a cough is developing and I have a nasty headache. I just got off the phone with my mum…she told me to just head to bed and get some sleep.  I know It’s not even 8:30pm and I’m heading to bed…hopefully with the aid of some meds I will sleep better tonight and wake up so I can go and finish the tasks I was sent to Iqaluit to do!

It isn’t fun to be sick, but being sick while travelling and working is really not something I’d wish on anyone I know…even an enemy!

I’ve just spent almost 2 hours uploading more El Salvador photos…but I honestly don’t have the energy to write a post and do the trip and the photos justice so it will have to wait for another day.  But here’s one teaser from a day trip I did to a fish market that was on this pier…

Port of Libertad...Fish Market such a great start to a fun day!

Port of Libertad…Fish Market such a great start to a fun day!

Oh, how I’d wish I was back there on the beach…did I mention how currently it’s -24C with a windchill of -38C? hmmm Arctic Living, gotta luv it! Goodnight, and sorry for the rambling post…

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7 thoughts on “Downside of Duty Travel

  1. Emely

    Oh sorry you`re not feeling well =-( Its hard and irritating when you know you have to do things and everything in your body aches, and having a runny nose and headaches, your whole energy goes out the door. Just for giggles, what helped me when I start noticing my throat hurts, I gargle salt and water 3 times a day for 3 days, then you don`t have the cold any further. =-) Just a thought? Get Well Soon Sarah on the Road. Emie Whemie heee….

  2. joywalker57

    I totally get that. I’m sorry you got hit by the duty travel bug. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my health holds out. I’ve been travelling since last week and had a headache all day yesterday but feeling ok today.

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