Five Years- Time to Look Back!

Five years is such a long time…yet five years goes by in a flash!   It was five years ago I left from Toronto on one of my biggest adventures and headed north.  I had packed up my apartment putting most of it in storage…packed up some things to ship north and off to Pangnirtung I went.  It was for a 10month contract.  I was so excited…looking back I really didn’t know much about living in the Arctic.  I wasn’t a big ‘researcher’…I applied for a job, got an interview then accepted the position and flew north.  One of my good friends Emily was teaching that year in Qikiqtarjuaq…so at least I knew a tiny bit about what I had gotten myself into! Now 5 years later it’s easy for me to say that Nunavut has become my home.  I love the work that I do, and the community that I live in…don’t get me wrong, I miss being close to family but I do love my home I have made in Pang.

Iqaluit Airport from March 16, 2009...

Iqaluit Airport from March 16, 2009- My first time in Iqaluit, Nunavut!

Now I haven’t lived in Nunavut for 5 years straight…(I had an eighteen month stint in Winnipeg, Manitoba from January 2010 to July 2011).  But I can say that I haven’t lived in the same province as my family for 5 years.

I use to think I had a plan for everything in life…but lately I’ve realized that maybe the best things I’ve done or accomplished came out of little to no planning.  Often they just happened because I was in the right place at the right time and open to a new adventure.  I keep wondering should I make another 5 year plan? or just carry on like I’ve been doing? As I sit here in Iqaluit my brain starts to think….lots of questions and wonderings about what the next 5 years will bring…what adventures? what excitement? what joy? what challenges? what hardships? hmmmm looks like I might have some thinking to do in the next few weeks!

What about you…are you a goal setter? Do you make a life plan and follow it through? What’s your style?

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5 thoughts on “Five Years- Time to Look Back!

  1. Alex

    RE: Goal setting.

    I’ve been asking that of myself lately. I’d like to think that I’ve been a hard worker over the years but, really, I now know that I am not a goal setter. I do, however, wish that I were as society seems to prefer aggressive goal setters over go-with-the-flow types (although I’m probably hanging out with the wrong crowd!). On a more positive note there is usually a place for both.

    Best of luck with wherever your journey takes you!

  2. Hemborgwife

    I am coming up on three years of being in Sweden and it is so amazing how the time goes, we have a well get through the last year of nursing school plan and then ahhh makes me head hurt trying to figure it out!

  3. Keenan

    Goal setter here. I dream of something impossible, shout it out to the universe, then over time it morphs from impossible to plausible to possible to ‘gonna do this thing’. That said….my three years living & working in Russia was just dumb luck 🙂 Agreed; probably room for both – ‘go with the flow’ & goal setters. As long as the adventure continues…I have no room in my life for stagnation 🙂


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