Spring has sprung!  The weather has been gorgeous here in Pang…the sun has been shinning and the temps between -15C  (-20C with windchill).  The days are getting longer too… the sun is rising around 5:45am these days and setting at 7:10pm!

This is a post that has many random thoughts from my head…from this past week. Right now I have another 6 blog posts in draft format in my blog dashboard.  I need to finish them…and hopefully will soon. But for tonight here’s my random thoughts!

Seal Skin Mittens 2 1

This has been on my mind all week a report was released and shares what all of us living in the north know, but many southerns in Canada don’t. Like: “76 per cent of Inuit preschoolers skip meals, while 60 per cent have gone a day without eating.” and “The report says the average cost of groceries for a family of four in Nunavut is $19,760 per year while almost half of Inuit adults earn less than $20,000 annually.” Here’s a link to another article about the issue.  It’s a complex situation with no real clear-cut answers. All the “southern” food has to be flown in, or brought up in the summer on big barges…that makes the food prices extremely high!  This weekend I bought a bag of 8 oranges for $15.95.  I’m not sure what the answer should be…but something needs to change.


The other thing that was happening this week in Nunavut was “#sealfies”…now what is a “sealfie” you might ask? Well it all started with Ellen’s selfie from the Oscars that broke twitter, you see Samsung donated $1 for every retweet which was about 3million dollars to charties of Ellen’s choice.  One was a children’s hospital and the other was the American Human Society which has been very vocal about stopping the commercial seal hunt in Canada. (which normally refers to the commercial hunt not the traditional Inuit hunt)  Fellow Nunavut Bloggers over at Finding True North had a fabulous explanation about it on her blog… so go CHECK it OUT!


“@ellenshow my #sealfie not only a beautiful piece of art, but functional 4 Arctic Life. Eat. Wear, Hunt Seal”

Killaq Enuaraq-Strauss from Iqaluit had this brilliant response to Ellen. 

This week I joined a sewing group.  The Inuktitut Teacher at the high school about 2months ago opened up her classroom for a sewing group on Monday & Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  She’s donated her time to help others on projects. This Wednesday I went with my friend…and started cutting the pieces for my seal skin mittens and started sewing.  Then on Saturday afternoon I went back and got more direction about how to do the next step of ‘gathering’ for the sewing.  When I’m done I’ll post more photos and story of the progress…but for now here’s a quick shot of me cutting out the seal skin pieces.

Seal Skin Mittens 4

Photo credit: Cassandra Yantha

Seal Skin Mittens 2 4

I’ve also been working on my quilt top…finally joined the 4 blocks to make strips. Then today spent the time cutting and sewing together the rest of the ‘sashing’ strips I needed to join the sets of 4 blocks together.  Still have heaps of work to do…but it’s coming closer together to a nice quilting sandwich for lots of hand-quilting to begin.

Seal Skin Mittens 2 3

…so that’s what’s been happening in the last week in Pangnirtung.

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2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Amber S

    Gosh – 8 oranges for $15.95?? That really puts the prices where you are into perspective. Here we pay about 80 cents per orange (and I thought that was high since we are about an hour outside of Saskatoon. I totally agree that something needs to be done to increase the access to healthy foods and to lower the cost. Those statistics are very troubling indeed. Thanks for shining a light on the situation.

  2. keenanhaga

    Listen to our Sarah getting all political. Go Sarah Go! LOVE you using your blog to highlight human inequities most of us are unaware of. Thanks!


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