Quilting 103

Well I suppose it’s time for an update about my quilting project!  This week I finally finished all the sashing for my quilt–sewing my 20 blocks together to finish my quilt top.  On Friday night I had a few friends over…my quilt ‘mentor’ was there… I surprised her by pulling out my completed quilt top! Quilting 103- 008

It was a bit of a process as I had to cut the sashing and then add some more material to make the sashing long enough.  With the help from ‘the google’ I learned how to join two pieces of fabric with a horizontal seam.  (Didn’t take any photos of that process!) Quilting 103- 010

At this point I had joined all the blocks into rows then started the process of joining the long sashing to finish up the quilt top…trying to make sure everything was square.
The quilt top is done…laid out on the floor to get measurements so we could figure out how much material I need to cut for the backing. Quilting 103- 003

The only material I bought for this quilt was the backing…everything else I used from my Gramma and Mum’s sewing scraps.  The ladies who sold me the backing at the quilt store did the calculations on how much they thought I’d need….apparently they thought I’d need about 5 meters more than I used.  So I have enough material to use as backing for future projects.  It’s a good thing I liked the material.

Ironing the miles of fabric I had…thank goodness my friend had a LARGE ironing board!! mine was just too tiny to try to iron this!  Then we wrestled with the large amounts of fabric to cut two pieces to sew together for the backing…
Quilting 103- 004

Then together we started the sandwiching process… first you lie down the quilt back with the right side down….we didn’t have a table quite large enough, so ended up taping this fabric to the bottom side of the table.

Quilting 103- 007

Then we took the batting…and cut it down to size and laid it down on top of the quilt backing.  Then we took the top and put it down.

Quilting 103- 005

Then came the fun job of pinning all three layers together with special curved safety pins. I was short of these…so we had to do a bit more basting.  Basically starting in the middle and stitching it with a loose stitches to help keep the layers together during the quilting process. Quilting 103-006…so after almost 5+ hours…the backing was completed, batting was cut and the quilt top was sandwiched. I still have a bit more to baste before I can start quilting…but for now, the quilt is coming along nicely.  There’s still quite a bit of work left to be done before I can put this beauty on my bed.

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8 thoughts on “Quilting 103

  1. Jerrylynn

    I love all of the colors. It means so much more knowing that the fabric came from your mum and Gramma. My grandmother did beautiful quilts all by hand… I’ll have to send you some pictures.

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      yup…the idea was to use up what I had rather than making something from all store-bought material! Some of the fabric I had pjs made out of it…in the early 80s.

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