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Diabetes Fun Run in Kimmirut

When you travel in the north you quickly learn that sometimes there are weather delays for flights.  This past week was one of those weeks…my trip to Kimmirut started out with a weather delay leaving and not being able to fly out of Pang….making my trip a bit longer…but then on Thursday because of wind my flight was cancelled to Iqaluit.  Then on Friday morning my flight was cancelled again because of wind.

Travel delays are something you just have to accept and roll with it.  Sometimes they can surprise you.  This time I met an awesome woman from the south…who had been in Igloolik and now Kimmirut doing a new dental program.  On Friday once we realized that the flight was cancelled we had to both sort out letting our travel coordinators what was happening.  (To make sure they could send payment for our extra nights stay at the hotel and rebook any other flights we needed to have rebooked!)  Once all of that craziness was finished, we found out that there was a Diabetes Fun Run going on in the community later that day.   We both decided to go check out it.

The Northern  was sponsoring the run… everyone that participated got a t-shirt, certificate and medal…plus a hamburger and juice box! The Northern this year partnered with the school.  There were heaps of kids participating…even the preschool kids took  part!


Excited and ready to begin our 5km walk/run!

When we got to the school to sign up…and get our t-shirts…all the kids were so excited, and ready to start.  Some of the kids actually ran the 5kms… my friend and I opted to just walk it with the rest of the kids! Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)004 Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)005 Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)007

Here’s the Anglican Church in Kimmirut…est. in 1909.  Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)017Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)018

Along the way this carver was busy working on a carving…but stopped to look up and wave to the kids going by. Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)009

There were 2 water stations along the way… after climbing the huge hill it was a welcome sight! Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)011 Kimmirut-Diabetes(SMcMahon)012


Here we are at the end of the race with our medals... and certificate.

Here we are at the end of the race with our medals… and certificate.

Participating in this event was special and a cause close to my heart because a few of my close loved ones have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes recently…. so keeping active and making healthy food choices is so important. It was an awesome event… and it was so nice to be able to participate with the rest of the community. It was a sunny but windy day…but beautiful for a 5km walk!  Thanks to everyone that organized this awesome event for the community of Kimmirut… and for the Northern for sponsoring this event that brought the community together to have a bit of fun and exercise at the same time!

Happy Birthday Mum…

Mum with this blog post
comes lots of love,
and lots of wishes too
that you have a day of fun,
because nobody deserves it more than you.

Gramma, Mum & I 1

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday dear mum…
Happy Birthday to you!

Sending you heaps of love from Kimmirut, Nunavut…because that’s where I am!

Luv, Sarah

Hello, Kimmirut…

Wow, the past 4 weeks have been crazy!  I’ve been travelling in Nunavut a lot for work.  It’s been great getting to visit some of the communities I visited 5 years ago and catch up with old friends…and even make new ones!

This week I’m in Kimmirut, Nunavut for work… Flying there is one of the shortest flights about 35-40mins on a Twin Otter.  Here’s a shot taken just after we took off from Iqaluit.  (You can see the airstrip and the buildings off in the distance….if you look really closely!)  Kimmirut001

This was taken just after take off again…The ice is getting more blue in colour…but still has a few weeks to go until break up! Kimmirut002

I love flying on Twin Otters…it’s fun watching the pilots taking off…and touching the million and one buttons and leavers on the plane!  After taking that shot, I did the thing I often do when travelling in an airplane of car…fell asleep.  Kimmirut003

Welcome to the Kimmirut Airport!  A quick shot of the airport terminal… and the plane on the right! It was pretty cloudy when we arrived…

A few hours after landing the clouds were gone…and just the sun and blue skies were left!  It was such a nice day…I could almost get away with just wearing my hoodie and no jacket.

There’s no snow in town…but these hunters are still getting out to the floe edge to hunt…by leaving their machines on the ice! Kimmirut006

So there you have it… a few shots of my travel to Kimmirut!  Maybe I’ll have time over the next few days to take a few more photos.

Two Months and One Day…

Tonight I got to visit with my friends who also happen to be my neighbours.  They just returned home to Pang with the newest member of their family.  She’s two months and one day old today… I think she’s pretty cute!  It was so much fun to get some baby snuggles… I must admit I was kind of a baby hog and held her for most of my visit unless she was eating!

Just before I left I ran home grabbed my camera and went back to snap these shots! We will have to do a more ‘official’ shoot soon. By the time I took these shots she was getting sleepy.


Here’s the proud big brother with his new baby sister. Riina and Marton Riina and Marton 2Riina and Marton 3

I think these two are both equally adorable!  Can’t wait until the next time we get to hang out.

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