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Just some shots from the beaches here in Iqaluit…a friend and I headed down there a week ago to take photos and watch the sealift come in at high tide.

The kids LOVED playing on this boat…it was like their own private jungle gym!

Iqaluit Beach001

There wasn’t much action with the barges…but there were a few other people around!

Iqaluit Beach002

There are quite a few ‘abandoned’ boats on the beach…pulled out of the water and left to the elements.   I really liked this boat.  I researched a bit about it after coming home…(yahoo for a good google search!)

Iqaluit Beach005

The Calanus has quite a history… commissioned in 1947 and had many a voyages doing research in and around Nunavut…including having a few winters in a safe harbour near Igloolik.  It’s been on the beach since around 1979 when it got pulled out of the water and hasn’t been used since.   I think that’s what struck me, my WHOLE life this boat has sat neglected on the beach.  Yet when you walk by her…you can see the excellent craftsmanship that made her.  If you want to read about more of the Calanus’ history check out this article by Kenn Harper.

Iqaluit Beach012

We headed over to the causeway to see what we could see next.  It was such a windy crazy night…but still was nice to view Iqaluit from a different perspective.

Iqaluit Beach009…the clouds were so cool that night, I think it had to do with the winds that were happening..thankfully the winds were taking the smoke from the ‘dumpcano’ away from town.

Iqaluit Beach010All in all it was a fun night…and great to get out of the hotel room and explore a few places in Iqaluit I haven’t been!


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