Greetings from Kinngait!

Hello, tonight I’m writing you from Cape Dorset also known as ‘Kinngait’ in Inuktitut. Tonight after a meeting I went on a walk to take in the sunset.  It was really gorgeous…I walked with a friend here in Cape Dorset who shared some of the history and stories of the land.  It always great to explore a place with someone that has lived there for a long time! CapeDorset-001

Now for those of you who might not know where Cape Dorset, Nunavut is…I decided to share a map with you!  Last night I flew from Pangnirtung to Iqaluit…stayed over night, then flew into Cape Dorset today.


Cape Dorset is known world wide for their artwork…prints and carvings!  Last time I was here 5 years ago I purchased 5 carvings… we’ll see what happens this trip. If you want to read about my adventures from my first visit to Cape Dorset you can find them at my ‘Newbie in the North’ blog HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!


Tonight for my evening walk I just went as the sun was setting up to the big gazebo.  Gorgeous views of town…


Then went back to Dorset Suites to catch the sunset from my balcony! Yup, my room here in has a balcony…it might be one of the only ones in Nunavut.


The last photo from the day was my view from my balcony tonight…



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