#ABrightProject: Task#4

This month’s project was all about what you want in your life + your dream life.  Yes, these things can differ…or you currently might be living your dream life.

...where will you go?

As always there are two parts to each task…the first part of the task is always personal. The first part had us thinking about what do I actually want from life + my dream life. Wow, that’s a deep question…it’s hard to really answer and some aspects of my life are personal and I don’t post online about, something should just be personal right?

But let’s just say I did journal and write a lot some of the topics that I reflected on through this project were the following:

— What do I love about my life right now?
— What are things that I want to change in my life?
— What is holding me back from changing these things if there are any?
— What does my dream life look like?
— How does this relate to the word that I selected for this project?

Yup, some deep questions…with some deeper answers.  It was really helpful to take the time to reflect and look at where I was in my life…and if that matched up with what my dreams were.  This was to think about the bigger picture…how does my word “create or creativity” fit into my dream life?

One of the things I realized through this process is that there were some areas in my life I didn’t like. I wasn’t living up to my ‘dream’ of what life should be…guess what I realized that only I CAN CHANGE those aspects to get where I WANT to be.  It’s pretty awesome and powerful and empowering to reflect, and realize that you aren’t where you want to be….but then to make a plan of steps to get where you want to be.  Some things can be out of our control…but you can always control your ACTIONS and REACTIONS to things that happen to you.


As always the 2nd part of the Task is social.  This task was just to send a letter that included a goal for our BRIGHT half to help them achieve their goal word for the year.  The rest of the letter was to focus on one or more of the following about yourself:

— What you love + want to change in your life
— What your dream life looks like
— Why you selected your word and why it is important to your life

Another awesome task…unfortunately due to a mix-up, I never got a letter for this task…but this project isn’t about getting a letter in return, most of it is about the self-reflection and thinking about life!

This post has been in my draft folder since April 30th, 2014.  Task#4- took place from mid-March to mid-April–I’m just a wee bit behind on posting, I wanted to wait to see if I ever got a letter before posting this post, but because of the mix-up that never happened!


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