Arctic Bay Adventures…

I arrived just after 8:30am on Sunday morning in Arctic Bay, Nunavut.  This is my 4th visit to Arctic Bay…I came once in 2009, and then in the past year I came in May and last September. It’s great visiting a community you have been to before because it’s like returning to visit old friends.

arctic bay

Arctic Bay is also known in Inuktitut as Ikpiarjuk – ᐃᒃᐱᐊᕐᔪᒃ -translated as ‘the pocket’ referring to the way the site is surrounded by protective hills on three sides.  It is located at Latitude 73° 02’ N and Longitude 85° 10’ W.  I’ve included the map of Nunavut so that you can figure out where it is for your reference! nunavut_map

Here are some of the views from my plane seat as we came into land.  All those hills from last week’s landing were covered in a blanket of fresh snow!

Arctic Bay002


Here’s my shots of the Arctic bay airport terminal  look at the difference a week can make when you live in the high arctic…season changes can happen on the drop of a dime!

Arctic Bay003

Sunday, September 14, 2014… “Hello, winter!”

From the Air005

Monday, September 8, 2014… “Gorgeous Fall Day!”


Monday morning on my walk to my first appointment I looked out into the Bay and saw this ship anchored.  To me it looked like a Navy ship…but wasn’t 100% sure.  But today it was confirmed that it was indeed part of the Royal Canadian Navy and was the  HMCS Kingston.

Arctic Bay005

I’m kind of kicking myself for not bringing my zoom lens on this trip so I could get a better photo…but this is the best that I got! Arctic Bay006

The weather when you live anywhere changes frequently.  But since living in Nunavut I’m always amazed how fast weather can roll in… fog/cloud even snow happen so you can’t see any of the hills and surrounding vistas around a community… but then in a blink of a moment it an clear… the sky turns blue and it’s a gorgeous day again!

This morning as I walked back to the hotel for lunch…the skies were blue and it was gorgeous!  I snapped these two quick photos…   Arctic Bay007 I’m glad I did stop to take these photos. When I left the hotel about an hour later…the clouds had rolled in and the snow and wind had picked up! No blue sky anymore…and these hills were surrounded in cloud and snow! This just reinforced to me that sometimes you need to stop for a moment and stop to smell the flowers…or snap that photo, because your chance might be limited! Arctic Bay008


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4 thoughts on “Arctic Bay Adventures…

  1. Keenan

    I’m a fan of your ‘landing’ or approach shots in each new village. Snow shelves & ice contrasted against harbor inlets are mighty amazing. Thanks for sharing Sarah! LOVIN’ it!


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