Chill’n in Resolute…

Travelling in the Arctic is never a given that you will depart or arrive at the times and dates on your ticket.  Weather plays a huge part in the equation.  Tuesday I was suppose to join a charter to Grise Fiord for the day…but their was a low moving in, and high winds…so the charter was cancelled.  (I will attempt to fly there tomorrow on the scheduled flight to the community though!) This just meant instead of spending time here later in the week…I got to spend time here the past 2 days!


Resolute is also known in Inuktitut as Qausuittuq ᖃᐅᓱᐃᑦᑐᖅ literally “place with no dawn”.  It is located at Latitude 74° 43’ N and Longitude 94° 59’ W.  Resolute has a very interesting history around it’s settlement.


“The present Inuit community of Resolute got its hard start in 1953. Efforts to assert strategic sovereignty in the High Arctic during the Cold War led the Government of Canada to forcibly relocate Inuit families from northern Québec to Resolute. The first group included one Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Ross Gibson, who later became the first schoolteacher here. A second group arrived from Pond Inlet in 1955. The Inuit had been promised homes and game to hunt, but the relocated people found few buildings and very little familiar wildlife. They were also told they would be returned home after a year if they wished, but this offer was later withdrawn. The Inuit were forced to stay, so they learned the beluga migration routes and were able to subsist by hunting over a gigantic range of 18,000 square kilometres (6,950 square miles). The Government of Canada conducted hearings in 1993 to investigate the High Arctic Relocation Program and formally apologized to the Inuit in 2008. The relocation experience was arduous. Fortunately, the brave Inuit people of Resolute are excellent hunters, gifted seamstresses and loving providers for their families.” {source}

I have visited Resolute before and it’s crazy to day that was almost 5 years ago…the Olympic Torch came through on it’s cross-Canada tour on the way to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. 

I woke up Tuesday morning to SNOW…it was so pretty, and I was glad to have packed a warm enough coat/hat/mittens!


It didn’t stop me from going out and doing the work that I came here to do! (even though the snow was blowing…) Here’s some photos I snapped of some buildings around town.


These kids were just out of school for the day…and pretty excited for the snow, and the snow balls they could make!  (Yesterday the snow was packy…and perfect for making a snow ball!) Resolute004


Enjoying my time in Resolute.


Today was the World’s Suicide Prevention Day the kids at the school here in Resolute went out to walk around the ring road (2.5 kms for one lap).  Even though it was ‘darn’ windy and crazy blustery…they had lots of fun as they biked, walked and some even ran!


Resolute014 Resolute015

The clouds and sky were so gorgeous today…but it was times gusting up to 55kms/hour.

Resolute010 Resolute013

They are currently working on replacing pipes for the utilidor system..which delivers water and takes sewage away from the houses/businesses here in Resolute.  They crew is still trying to finish up some things before it gets too frozen and they have to wait until next summer to continue their work.  Resolute018View of from the beach area here in Resolute…lots of crazy clouds, but gorgeous views of Mountains in the distances…and a little ‘berg in the foreground! Resolute017

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