Grise Fiord-part 2…

Another great day in Grise Fiord after an awesome first night (seeing a narwhal hunt)…I was excited to see what the rest of my time in Grise Fiord would bring and it didn’t disappoint. Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday009

It was surprisingly warm….perfect for a bit of exploring after I got the work done I needed to get done.  I walked up to the spot above town where a monument was erected to commemorate the relocation of 1953 and 1955 of the Inuit people.

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday003

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday004

While I up there I took a series of photos to make this panorama…it’s a bit rough but I kind of like it.

Grise Fiord (2014)

Here’s the new Hamlet Building it opened earlier this summer.  It’s a great building with a new gym for the community to use. (The tall side of the building is the gym.)

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday002

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday005

Here’s the only store in Grise Fiord…which also is the Post Office too!

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday006

While walking by the Health Centre just before 5pm…two ladies brought me inside to take part in a taste testing.  Every month they test out healthy recipes and asked me to taste their recipe of the day.  It was an awesome fried rice with veggies and beef and Narwhal meat fried up in it.  It was so yummy!  I didn’t even stop to take a photo of it.  While I was there the nurse brought back some of the Narwhal meat she had already made into jerky.  (picture below)…it was so yummy as well.

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday007

Later Friday night, I looked out the hotel windows and saw this boat.  It was the Kiviuq I, a vessel that is owned by theArctic Fishery Alliance — which is made up of hunters and trappers organizations from Qikiqtarjuaq, Grise Fiord, Arctic Bay, and Resolute Bay — On this trip it was also joined by researchers from Memorial University’s Fisheries and Marine Institute doing an exploratory fishing trip around Jones sound to see the possibilities of commercial fishing.  They found a possible commercial cold water shrimp stock near Grise!  

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday008

During my whole trip up in the high Arctic…I wore my CoHo Hoodie, so warm!  Last Christmas it was a gift from my cousin Clayton.  His company CoHo has a whole line of awesome clothing go check it out!    Had to snap a photo…Clayton I bet this is the most northern location some of your clothing has been in!

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday010

As we were taking the photo above…we heard the plane coming in for a landing.

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday011

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday012

Always a happy smile when the plane is on the ground…and you are about to get on it! Especially when you are in a spot where often you go days without planes because of high wind, or other weather issues!

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday013

Our Captain does a quick safety talk before shutting the door and heading up to the cockpit! I love flying in a twin otter…

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday014Just some quick shots from plane…sad that my window was a bit streaky but still loved these shots from taking off and then flying over town one last time!

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday015

The skating pond is already frozen over…and I’m sure snow will be coming here soon!

Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday016

Good Bye Grise Fiord…until the next time! Grise Fiord-Friday_Saturday017

My flight from Grise to Resolute was uneventful.  I arrived back in Resolute in time for lunch and then had one last night there.  Then today I flew from Resolute stopping in Arctic Bay…with a short stop in Iqaluit before flying the final flight home to PANGNIRTUNG!  I was so excited to sleep in my own bed after 2 weeks on the road…it feels great to be home.


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