Life is just a wee bit sweeter, with chocolate!

When I got home after my 2 week trip on the road I was excited to have some LOVELY packages waiting for me at the post office.  (I will be writing about the others soon…) but for today will talk about the AMAZING chocolates that a friend from the #abrightproject sent me in the mail.  The latest project task had us discussing 10 things that made us happy (which was shared online in our Facebook group!) Shonda who was my task#3 partner saw the discussion thread and we started talking about chocolate!  GOOD chocolate is something that I LOVE…and I was so thrilled tonight when I got home and opened up this sweet package.


Thank you SO much Shonda you MADE my day…just a wee bit sweeter!  I realized that one of the drafts I’ve had since March 2014 was a post about our Task#3 for the #aBrightProject.  So I’m going to take the time now to blog it.  (Sorry this has taken so long to post!)


So here we are with Task #3 in my year challenge with #aBrightProject.  This project pairs together women from around the world to create a letter and/or small parcel for each other. Each one is based on a theme to help us be as BRIGHTEST as possible.  This month’s theme was all about Gratitude.

The task has us self-reflecting and writing down items that we are personal grateful for.  This is something my mum has always been a big fan of…I remember getting a journal from her at Christmas time and her explaining that we should write down things that we are grateful for every night before bed.  I think I was 12 or 13…and I did manage to do it for awhile, but then of course those lists end…life gets busy and sometimes we loose that focus to be grateful for what we have, not what we don’t have.  It was a really great month to think about all of these things…and start writing things down again!


The second part of the task was the social part…which is the fun part! (see the photos above of my package!)  That’s when everyone in the project gets paired up to send a letter + small parcel!  YAHOO for SNAIL mail.  To remind your BRIGHT half to be grateful, as often as they feel the need, I purchased a few small things that will help them remember.  I based them around the “word” my partner choose for the year and explained why I choose the items in a letter!   In the letter I also talked about how my BRIGHT half could find their WORD for the year… and also included 3 things that I’m currently grateful for!

I never took a photo of my items, but Shonda did and posted to Instagram once she opened them all up!

Photo taken from Instagram by @shondy2000

Photo taken from Instagram by @shondy2000

Then the exciting part was to get a package in the mail…a beautiful letter from a new online-friend…it was great to ‘meet’ someone new!  One of the awesome things Shonda included was the awesome stone with my word from 2014 in it… “Create”.  I love it…it sits on my desk at work, under my computer monitor…as a daily reminder to be “creative” in all I do!


Task #4 was all about our life and our dream lives…can’t wait to post about that!  (edit: I’m way behind on these posts for #aBrightProject…I still have to update about Task#4, #5, #6, and #7! oops! stay tuned I will be publishing some of these draft posts soon!)


If you wanted to check out my previous tasks with #abrightproject click on the links below:

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