Hello from Igloolik…

This week I’ve been travelling again.  My trip started off with a few minor hick-ups when my plane didn’t land Sunday evening in Pangnirtung…luckily I was able to be booked onto the other airline on Monday morning to get me to Iqaluit to catch the rest of the flights to Igloolik. But there was a 50-50 chance we couldn’t land in Hall Beach or Igloolik then I’d be in Pond Inlet–where all the hotels were full! But living on the wild side…I took a shot, and luckily it panned out and we landed in Hall Beach and Igloolik! nunavut_map

As you can see…it was pretty snowy and white when we landed in Hall Beach.


We had to get off the airplane so that it can refuel, then was de-iced before we took off for Igloolik! Igloolik-002

Yahoo! (after a 15min plane ride–yes, that short!) We were able to land in very snowy Igloolik.  This is my 3rd visit to Igloolik.  The first time was in the spring of 2009 (one of my first trips travelling in Nunavut)…where I got to experience 24-hour sun for the first time.  Then my second visit was in 2012 and during that visit I got to see an igloo too!  Igloolik-003

Here’s the Igloolik airport…winter has definitely arrived here! Igloolik-004


Igloolik (ᐃᒡᓗᓕᒃ) – is the ‘Place of igloos’. It is located at Latitude 69° 23’ N and Longitude 81° 48’ W.  With mostly flat terrain that surrounds the Hamlet. “Located north of the Arctic Circle, between the Canadian mainland and Baffin Island, Igloolik is situated on a small island in Foxe Basin just off the northeast corner of Melville Peninsula. Spelled ‘Iglulik’ in Inuktitut, this vibrantly artistic community is considered to be a cultural epicentre for the Inuit people…The award-winning movie ‘Atanarjuat — The Fast Runner’ was produced and filmed here. Igloolik is also home to Artcirq, the only Inuit circus troupe in the world, and each summer the hamlet hosts the Rockin’ Walrus Arts Festival.”


Tuesday when I was here…I snapped these photos as I was walking around town.  It was grey-skies…but crisp air that still put a smile on my face! Igloolik-007

Here’s the Hamlet office in Igloolik…Igloolik-009

Walking down by the beach…lots of snow… and open water!

I love this photo…so many shades of grey and white…with almost blue water!

Wednesday we had a fabulous day of blue skies, but it was cold…crazy cold! (Well just colder than I’ve experienced so far this fall/winter).Igloolik-012

Thursday brought winds and blowing snow!  I did manage to take these photos…of the “spaceship” here in Igloolik.  (It’s a research station…I’m not 100% sure what they research they do though…I should find out, but never have.) Igloolik-013

…the ice is starting to form, but not sure when it will stick around. Igloolik-015

I love when snow sticks to the sides of buildings/porches/windows…it looks so cool! So does the blowing snow…that made for walking today (Thursday) not very fun! Igloolik-016

At the end of my day (just after 5pm) …I stepped out of the building I had been in and was greeted to this amazing pink sky! Igloolik-019

Goodbye sun, for another day!  Igloolik-020Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.  My flight on one airline has been cancelled in the morning…but I was rebooked on the other airline in the evening.  From the weather forecasts the wind and blowing snow should clear mid-morning.  Life’s always an adventure when you travel in the Arctic…maybe my stay in Igloolik will be extended because of the weather, but maybe it won’t! You never know what the day will bring.


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