Saturday Night Lights…

Last night the lights came out to play over Pangnirtung.  After having dinner with a friend…we hoped into a vehicle and took off to the end of the road, to get out of town’s lights!  (This is so you can see the northern lights better.)

The lights did NOT disappoint…I’m pretty excited to share with you these photos of the northern lights. Enjoy!


Everywhere we looked the lights were dancing up and down…SaturdayNightLights002

…shooting up from behind the mountains!
SaturdayNightLights003 SaturdayNightLights004This is a funny attempt at a self portrait…by shinning a flashlight on one side of my body. Kinda like how it turned out.


This one I had my friend shine the flashlight on me…but left the light on a wee bit too long, but still pretty awesome! SaturdayNightLights006

The lights just wouldn’t stop… it was a fabulous show…and so glad I got to get out and take some photos! SaturdayNightLights007 SaturdayNightLights008I’m thankful for good friends with a vehicle that can take you to the end of road so you can take photos of the lights!


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