Sun Transits…

It’s that time of the year when we lose internet, TV, radio, and long-distance telephone communication for a few minutes each day. They occur when the sun is aligned directly behind a satellite every spring and fall. The satellite signal is briefly overwhelmed by the radio frequency noise radiated by the sun.  This should begin on October 9 and continue through to October 18  and will affect satellite communications for a short period each day over the next two weeks. Television, internet, long distance and cell phone services will lose their connections temporarily, beginning with a few seconds each afternoon and increasing to as much as fifteen minutes each day.

Every year we get a reminder of this and a handy-dandy chart that shows the ‘affected’ predicted times…along with the duration.


Usually I don’t notice a difference…but sometimes if I’m uploading a file or trying to email someone during the affected time, well it doesn’t work!  I have been on the phone with someone and had the phone ‘cut’ out mid-convo…but honestly, living in Nunavut the phone lines are pretty unpredictable at times (but I’m not one to complain I do live in the Arctic, just thankful I do have internet and a phone!)

Just something else that’s a wee bit different, but become a part of normal life here in the Arctic!

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