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Greetings from Clyde River and Pond Inlet…

It’s been a really busy month…with a trip to Iqaluit the last week of October…then the first week of November I went to Kimmirut, then Cape Dorset then home!  Last week I was briefly in Iqaluit for 3 days. I’m traveling this week again…and finally just pulled the photos from the last month off my camera!  (Yep, travel has caught up with me…and instead of editing photos at night then blogging them, I’ve been visiting with friends when I’m in Pang and trying to catch up on sleep!)

So without further ado…here’s some shots from earlier this week in Clyde River (Latitude 70° 30’ N and Longitude 68° 30’ W).nunavut_map

“Clyde River also known as Kangiqtugaapik in Inuktitut- ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ -meaning a ‘nice little inlet’. It is located in the spectacular fiord landscape of the Baffin Mountains along the northeastern coast of Baffin Island. The hamlet is situated in a beautiful sheltered cove called Patricia Bay. Ten magnificent fiords are found within a 100 kilometre (62 mile) radius of the community, including Sam Ford Fiord, the site of world-famous vertical climbing walls.” Source

Clyde River-2014001

When I woke up Monday morning Clyde River had a blizzard warning in effect…I headed to Iqaluit planning a back of of changing my week’s plan–going to Pond Inlet first, then back tracking back to Clyde 2nd (later in the week).  I left Iqaluit with a 10% chance of being able to land…but during the two hours in the air the weather cleared and we were able to land! It was very snowy at the airport and around town!

Clyde River-2014002

As I walked around in the the late morning I snapped these photos!  Lots of snow drifts and moving of snow to get ready for the next storm.  Clyde River-2014005

Clyde has a few hours of twilight left during the day… and soon will have darkness! (On Wednesday the sun rose at 11:49am and set at 12:54pm). The joys of being above the Arctic Circle. Clyde River-2014007

…it sure is beautiful, but was a wee bit chilly! (-21C + a wind chill)…just have to dress properly to be able to enjoy being outside! Clyde River-2014006

Wednesday night I flew to Pond Inlet (Latitude 72° 42’ N and Longitude 77° 59’ W).   Pond Inlet is just a wee bit colder than Clyde River!  There hasn’t been a crazy amount of wind or storms here yet…so the hoar frost is crazy outrageous.  Everything is covered in the awesome stuff… Pond Inlet-2014001

Pond Inlet is also called ᒥᑦᑎᒪᑕᓕᒃ ‘Mittimatalik’ in Inuktitut after an unknown ancient person presumed to be buried here, is a traditional Inuit community located on the northern tip of Baffin Island near the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage. It overlooks Eclipse Sound and the mountains of Bylot Island, which is a migratory bird sanctuary. Situated near scenic fiords, glaciers and icebergs, Pond Inlet is famous as a great place to see large pods of narwhal. Offering a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities to visitors, it is conveniently close to both Tamaarvik Territorial Park and Sirmilik National Park.” Source

Pond Inlet-2014002

I took these photos walking back to the hotel at lunch time…yes that’s right, these were taken around noon!

Pond Inlet-2014004 Pond Inlet-2014006

Even the street signs have no names…thanks to the hoar frost! Pond Inlet-2014009

…there’s something so pretty about everything covered in hoar frost!

Pond Inlet-2014011

Walking and being outside in the arctic is ok…if you have the right gear!  (Hat, scarf/neck-warmer,  warm parka, mittens, snow pants…and my boots! ) When I was in Clyde someone from the south questioned me just wearing a t-shirt under my parka if I was warm enough walking around…and honestly I am but if I’m outside walking for more than 20mins I usually wear a long sleeved shirt…

Pond Inlet-2014010

Black and White Photography

Earlier this week there was a fun ‘challenge’ going around Facebook to post 5 B&W photos on your wall, and then nominate a person to join in each day!  My friend Mark nominated me and I decided to join in.  I love B&W Photography…and jumped at the chance to share a few of mine from my archives!

I shared these via Facebook, but decided to share them here as well…without my ‘tags’ for friends to join the challenge! Hope you enjoy.


Day 1 of 5- Today’s photo is from my 2013 summer trip to the Yukon & Alaska….this one is from Haines, Alaska. 

B&W- Haines Alaska

Day 2 of 5- Today’s photo is from an ice fishing trip on the May 2-4 weekend in 2013! Stopping on the way home to take photos of “Toberlone Mountain”.

B&W-  Pang--outside

Day 3 of 5 – Today’s photo is from February 2014…I was visiting my Gramma (Barbara Hodgson-Medd) and snapped this shot…one of my favourite shots of the best gramma a person could ever ask for–love you, and can’t wait to see you in a month!

B&W- grammaDay 4 of 5 – Today’s photo is from the spring of 2013…I was went for a walk with my friend Kaitlin…it was a COLD day, but the dogs needed to get outside, so that meant we did too!

B&W-  Pang--the hills

Day 5 of 5 –  Today’s photo is from August 2010…my good friend Jacob asked me to join him on a trip to Arjona, Columbia to take photos for Opportunity International. This shot was from my last afternoon…where we were ‘mobbed’ by a group of kids, but this little girl caught my eye and my heart.

Little Girl

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down ‘memory’ lane with a few older B&W photos from my archives!


Happy Birthday John!

HaPpY BiRtHdaY to YoU!
Happy Birthday to you…
HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you!

John in Pangnirtung

Today is your Birthday!  I hope you are having a fabulous today and always.


It seems like yesterday you and Kat were visiting me…it was awesome for you to see my house here in Pang.


Thanks for always being there for me and willing to help out.  No matter what though…you’ll always be my baby brother!

Luv you, Sarah

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