Just a walk by the beach…

Home Sweet Pang! Wow, it’s been full weeks since I’ve been back home.  Time really does fly so quickly! I’ve been busy getting adjusted to working full time after my vacation–which takes time! I’ve also been trying to get to bed earlier, and walk on my treadmill either before work or immediately after! So far so good.  Saturday Walk in Pang004

On Tuesday my friend Rachelle arrived in Pang!  Saturday Walk in Pang001

It’s hard to believe that 3 1/2 weeks ago we were walking on a beach in the sun beside an ocean…well today we went for a walk on the snow beside a FROZEN ocean! Wow, times have sure changed…and today we wore a few more layers–like covered from head to toe!

Friday walk in Boracay001

Boracay, Philippines vs. Pangnirtung, Canada

Even though it was cold today.  It was -29C with windchill it was -39C we decided to head out for a short walk…as my grandpa would say, “to blow the stink off of us!” The sun was just heading behind the mountains as we had our short 20min walk!

Saturday Walk in Pang009 Saturday Walk in Pang006Saturday Walk in Pang011


There is a visiting dog team in town…and we caught Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer coming back from feeding them.  They arrived from Iqaluit and are on a quest to circumnavigate Baffin Island by dogsled. Finding True North caught up with Sarah and Erik before they left Iqaluit…and wrote an awesome piece about their adventure!     If you want updates about their progress–check out their website Way of the North! Saturday Walk in Pang012

Can you see the dogs in the photo below? They look so small!Saturday Walk in Pang013 Saturday Walk in Pang014

Ok, so near the end of our short walk we were getting a wee bit cold!  Rachelle needs to get some fur for her coat…I love the blue fox fur (that’s been dyed black) on my parka–catches all the frost so it doesn’t build up on my face. Saturday Walk in Pang015 Saturday Walk in Pang017Saturday Walk in Pang016So if you are reading this via a reader or an email…click over to Sarah on the Road… I’ve updated a few things on the site.  I’ve added a tab “Indigo’s Ravens” it shares all the posts from my Yukon 2013 adventure with my blogging friends Kara, Tina, Kennie and Jen! (Previously these were hosted on another site, but decided to move them over to SarahontheRoad).

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