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Happy 9th Birthday Samuel

Today I’m sending Birthday Greetings to the person that made me an Aunt 9 years ago!

>Happy 4th Birthday Samuel!!!

9 is 6 turned upside down
Whenever you feel old, do a headstand and it turns everything upside down, even your age!


It’s time today to tell the world you’re cool and cute…
Full of fun and laughter!!!
Enjoy your 9th Birthday Cake…
I wish you a super awesome day!

Sending luv from Nunavut…Aunt Sarah
PS. Gramma has your birthday card from me in Lindsay!

#FMSPhotoaDay: Week 9


Day 23: Fix… On Sunday I got my sewing machine out and finally fixed the pocket of my parka.


Day 24: 12 o’clock… I tried on a friends parka, she was thinking of selling it but later in the week changed her mind. It was a gorgeous parka! Made me realize I need to get working on creating my new parka! (I purchased the material before thanksgiving!)


Day 25: reflection…what do you see?


Day 26: grow…just growing some roots.


Day 27: still life…


Day 28: thank you… My house-sitters from Christmas left me this fantastic tea as a thank you gift! Seriously…it’s such a fantastic blend!!!


Day 1: (March) starts with an R… Mmmmmm rice!


Another week done! I must admit this week was hard to keep up because I was on ‘duty’ travel…that’s what work travel is called. I was in Iqaluit all week but I caught up yesterday and am keen to start week 10!!! Why don’t you join me? Here’s the list.


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