Four Years Ago Today…

Four years ago today, I woke up in a hotel room in Ottawa…and started my trek north for the 2nd time to live in Pangnirtung. The time has flown by, it seems like yesterday I arrived!

Pangnirtung Blubber StationToday I am starting a new chapter in my life… it’s hard to type that but with endings come new beginnings.  I am  flying south back to Ontario.  It seems fitting that I will be flying south 4 years to the day that I flew back to live in Pang!

Pang Music Fest (5 of 21) Last night after the Pang Music Festival wrapped up for the evening…I went for one last drive around town with friends. It was just after 10pm…but the sun was setting behind the mountains (to pop up again a few hours later!)

Pang Music Fest (7 of 21) Pang Music Fest (6 of 21) Pang Music Fest (8 of 21) Pang Music Fest (9 of 21) Pang Music Fest (11 of 21)

Thanks Maki, Marton and Riina for driving me around….to visit everywhere one last time! Pang Music Fest (15 of 21)

I have been so blessed to be able to call Pangnirtung my home not once but twice…it will hold a special place in my heart forever.  Pang Music Fest (17 of 21)


The friendships and memories I have made here will last a lifetime! Until the next time we meet…



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