Pang Music Fest

Pang Music Fest (2 of 21)Last weekend was suppose to be Pang Music Fest.  A committee has been working hard all year to re-start this musical festival that was a highlight of the summer but hasn’t happened in years. But after a week of really bad high winds, no planes and then fog in Iqaluit which stranded 5 planes overnight here in Pang…let’s just say it was postponed…you can’t have a music festival if the bands playing can’t get into town.  It was decided to reschedule everything to this weekend! There were a few people that couldn’t make it because of the weather delays but they have a great line up of groups to play.

Tonight I headed to the high school gym and was not disappointed.  The first act was Northern Haze–they had a really great rock beat to their songs.  Some of them made me wish I had longer hair and could still head bang like I did as a teenager at a rock concert.

Pang Music Fest (1 of 21)


The second act of the night was Saali and the Raven Hearts.  They had a great sound as well…made me want to get on my feet and dance! Pang Music Fest (4 of 21)

It was fantastic watching this band play–they really got into the groove and their enthusiasm was just contagious! Pang Music Fest (3 of 21)

The Pang Music Festival will continue all weekend…if you are in town, should definitely go check it out!

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