Happy 40th Birthday Dana!!!!


HaPpY Birthday to you…
Happy birthday to YOU…
HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU!!

Dana's Pig Roast 9

Last month my brother surprised Dana with a 40th Birthday PIG ROAST a MONTH before her actual birthday! Friends of theirs opened up their backyard for the party!
Dana's Pig Roast 2Dana's Pig Roast 7

The pig was delicious…Samuel decided that the pig’s ear wasn’t so fantastic because there’s not a lot of meat in the ear! Dana's Pig Roast 1Another amazing reason I love being in the south is to be close to family events like this when they happen. It was so fun to be able to join in on the fun and party in person, rather than catching up over the phone! 
Dana's Pig Roast 3
Dana's Pig Roast 4Hope you had a fantastic ‘surprise’…and that your day today was extra special. 
Dana's Pig Roast 5Dana's Pig Roast 8Dana's Pig Roast 6

Welcome to the next decade…don’t worry I know you will be able to rock it!

Luv, Sarah

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