Turn on the Jets…

Today I completed my first 5km race that I actually ran! (I did one in July 2012 with my friends while touring the Yukon)…but I didn’t train for that, or even run for that matter—we walked it! 

Downsview Airport 5km Race_0011

My friend Michelle (below)…ran on the Toronto Pearson Runway run…at the end of September.  I saw her awesome photos, and some other friend’s awesome photos from that day…and it made me wish I could run a 5km.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…and the timing just seemed right!

Michelle let me know about this race and I decided to sign up! It was held on the Downsview Airport..a perfect first 5km…it was 100% flat! Downsview Airport 5km Race_0020

…I decided to ask my friend Josefina if she’d join me.  The rest was done…just the training and trying to get so I could run longer than 30seconds! Downsview Airport 5km Race_0012I started using a couch to 5km app on my phone and I’d go out for a 30min run/walk…then walk for the rest of the hour.  I never got past the run 1 min, walk 1 1/2 min… But I loved how I felt when I was doing it!
Downsview Airport 5km Race_0013

After Thanksgiving life got crazy with work..so I had to put the running aside, then I got a crazy cold…(which kept me out of the loop for like 10 days)… then 2 1/2 weeks ago I had my big toenail removed.  So let’s just say that my training didn’t progress as far as I’d like. Downsview Airport 5km Race_0014

Even though Josefina has a cold, and couldn’t talk very well… she came! WIthout her I wouldn’t have actually finished this thing.  She is a great pace-setter.  She’s a turtle and I’m a hare…without her, I would have really worn myself out! We ended up finishing 40:24! Downsview Airport 5km Race_0015

Even though my legs are a bit sore (in a good way)…I’m already thinking about my next 5km! Downsview Airport 5km Race_0016

…that runner high, it’s contagious! Downsview Airport 5km Race_0017 Downsview Airport 5km Race_0018 Downsview Airport 5km Race_0019

Just wanted to shout out to my friends who ran with me today… Michelle in the 8km and Josefina with the 5km….Thanks!!!

Also wanted to thank my sis-in-law for doing some practice runs with me over Thanksgiving weekend…I can’t wait to do a 5km with you! As well as all my friends that are encouraged me to give running a start.

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