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Happy Leap Day!

It’s that time that every 4 years we get an extra day! Hope you made the best of it… and enjoyed your extra ‘leap year day’!  Here’s your little random fact of the day: Did you know that traditionally that on Leap Year Days… that was the only time a woman could propose to a man? leap year_0002One of my favourite self portraits of me ‘leaping’ in the sunset on the beach in El Salvador…

Icy Trees…

This past weekend while driving I was greeted by the most amazing sight.  The trees on either side of the road were sparkling in the sunshine.  The crazy weather from earlier this week left the area with snow and freezing rain…which left everything covered in icy goodness! icy trees_0001

I love how the ice clung to the fence which normally would have just been a boring line in the photo below! Even the fields were full of shine and sparkle as I drove past! icy trees_0005

The road signs and street signs also were covered in icicles that at one point had been dripping, but then stopped frozen in time… sometimes life is like that. We are moving along and then suddenly we are frozen in time…until the sun comes out and we are released and ready to flow again.  icy trees_0002 icy trees_0003

Had to stop to take at least one fun selfie in Milo’s window… icy trees_0004

…close to sunset one last snap that makes me smile and be glad I was there to witness it! icy trees_0006

It feels good to be taking photos again, although I feel a wee bit rusty. But I do know I’ve missed my photo walks with my camera.

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water

While I was visiting Johanna last weekend we did a bit of a science experiment as well as all the quilting we did!   I wanted to find out if I could freeze my hair standing up…but instead I froze it into a pony tail…

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0005

On Valentine’s Day we started out by doing a ‘frozen hair’ shoot….the temperatures were COLDER than in Iqaluit that day.  (it was -27C but colder with the windchill….it brought it down to the -40C range!)

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0006

Johanna got the bright idea to start the science experiment—what happens when you throw a pot of boiling water into the air? well it instantly freezes…
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0002Thanks Johanna for capturing the below images of me throwing water… (as well as the frozen hair ones at the beginning of this post!)
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0003

Johanna took another turn… so much fun! (even though we got ‘frozen’ fingers doing this…) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0004

One thing we did find out though…. was putting boiling water into a glass mug in the freezing cold… well that could be the end of your mug! (oops–sorry Johanna!) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0001

Thanks for one for the memory was a great weekend!

Quilting 104: Push to the Finish Line…

It’s been awhile since I have updated you about my first quilting project! I’m excited to say that my first queen-sized quilt is FINISHED…and so thankful for all the help I’ve gotten along the way from my quilting mentors Laura and Johanna—without you two I wouldn’t have gotten this project finished.

Quilting 104_0035

The last two years have been pretty busy…with work and life but I have been slowly spending time working on hand quilting my quilt.  I worked on it in Pangnirtung and even took it on the road with some of my trips I took for work…working on it in Arctic Bay, Resolute, Grise Fiord and Iqaluit. Quilting 104_0023

These photos took place all over the place! It was fun to join some other like-minded quilting friends when I was in Iqaluit the summer of 2014.  That’s where I met my friend Johanna who became a friend and quilting mentor. Quilting 104_0024

Over the Christmas holidays I pulled my quilt out after not touching it for over 6months… I had the last 4 blocks to finish.  Slowly but surely…I finished off those corner blocks.  The hand-quilting stage was done of this project. (Finally after a year and 1/2 of hard work…)

Quilting 104_0038

I made plans to visit my friend Johanna…who had moved to Trenton, Ontario to finish up my quilt.  I had no clue how to ‘square it off’, make a binding and bind a quilt.  She was the one that helped me bring my quilt to the finish line.

Quilting 104_0030

This past weekend I was enjoying time with her while the temperatures were frigid outside!

Quilting 104_0025

It was so lovely to join Johanna in her quilting studio… some day I’ll have a sewing room like this…until then I’m going to join you in yours….if that’s ok! Quilting 104_0026

…Johanna taught me all kinds of tricks and tips for sewing the strips for the binding together heaps faster.
Quilting 104_0027

So excited to cut off the excess of my quilt but also a bit worried I might mess it up after all the work that I had done so far…(But don’t worry I didn’t mess it up!) Quilting 104_0028

Cutting strips 101… measure twice and cut once!

Quilting 104_0029

…sewing seems to be a repeat of ironing, pinning, and sewing!
Quilting 104_0031 Quilting 104_0032

…turning a few corners, and onto the finish line.  Johanna had this awesome ‘new’ way of completing a binding…no hand sewing–but instead this really awesome finish with a gorgeous dark flange. Quilting 104_0033

I think I spoke too soon… I had to hand sew my label on the back.  It’s important step–every quilt need a label to tell it’s story. Quilting 104_0034

” My first quilt… December 13, 2013- February 14, 2016.  Fabric from my Gramma’s collection–with childhood clothing scraps plus my mum’s maternity dress scraps. All cutting & machine piecing done in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Hand quilted in various Nunavut communities & finished in Ontario. Quilting mentoring and support from Laura & Johanna.  (Candy Store Pattern)”

Quilting 104_0037

The finished project… still makes me SMILE every time I see it on my bed! Things I learned were that even though the project might seem crazy large…break it up in steps and you can figure out it!

Quilting 104_0036

Here’s the other posts where I’ve talked about my Quilting Project:

Update on Milo

It’s been a crazy week of many disappointments.  Today I realized that my last car payment the week before didn’t come out of my account.  At first I was like, “just another thing to deal with…why do banks have to mess up?”.  So I called and my bank looked into my problem of no payment being taken out of my account!  Imagine my surprise when I was told my car had been paid off in full with the last payment…3 weeks prior! Milo

I must admit it was a wee bit painful for 4 years while I was in Nunavut having to pay for a car I couldn’t drive…but in the long run… it all worked out fine!

YES… it’s been a LONG 5 years…but MILO was finally PAID for in full.  That my friends was the BEST news I received this week. I can’t wait to see what new adventures Milo and I will have on the road.

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