Freezing Temps + Boiling Water

While I was visiting Johanna last weekend we did a bit of a science experiment as well as all the quilting we did!   I wanted to find out if I could freeze my hair standing up…but instead I froze it into a pony tail…

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0005

On Valentine’s Day we started out by doing a ‘frozen hair’ shoot….the temperatures were COLDER than in Iqaluit that day.  (it was -27C but colder with the windchill….it brought it down to the -40C range!)

Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0006

Johanna got the bright idea to start the science experiment—what happens when you throw a pot of boiling water into the air? well it instantly freezes…
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0002Thanks Johanna for capturing the below images of me throwing water… (as well as the frozen hair ones at the beginning of this post!)
Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0003

Johanna took another turn… so much fun! (even though we got ‘frozen’ fingers doing this…) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0004

One thing we did find out though…. was putting boiling water into a glass mug in the freezing cold… well that could be the end of your mug! (oops–sorry Johanna!) Freezing Temps + Boiling Water_0001

Thanks for one for the memory was a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Freezing Temps + Boiling Water

  1. Johanna Benning

    LOL………….. another GREAT time!!!!!!!!! It’s hard to imagine the cold when we are now in the middle of a mega heat wave. I didn’t know I could sweat in some areas………..!

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