Icy Trees…

This past weekend while driving I was greeted by the most amazing sight.  The trees on either side of the road were sparkling in the sunshine.  The crazy weather from earlier this week left the area with snow and freezing rain…which left everything covered in icy goodness! icy trees_0001

I love how the ice clung to the fence which normally would have just been a boring line in the photo below! Even the fields were full of shine and sparkle as I drove past! icy trees_0005

The road signs and street signs also were covered in icicles that at one point had been dripping, but then stopped frozen in time… sometimes life is like that. We are moving along and then suddenly we are frozen in time…until the sun comes out and we are released and ready to flow again.  icy trees_0002 icy trees_0003

Had to stop to take at least one fun selfie in Milo’s window… icy trees_0004

…close to sunset one last snap that makes me smile and be glad I was there to witness it! icy trees_0006

It feels good to be taking photos again, although I feel a wee bit rusty. But I do know I’ve missed my photo walks with my camera.

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2 thoughts on “Icy Trees…

  1. Emely Cousintine

    Wow!! I give you lots of credit Sarah! going out and having slippery icy roads, it isn`t fun =-( So glad that you have your smiles and your sense of adventure that no road will stop you from you taking awesome pictures!! and milo goes a long way with you too. Keep warm, safe, and do what you do BEST, just being YOU!! you are a sweetheart. =-)

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