Quilting 104: Push to the Finish Line…

It’s been awhile since I have updated you about my first quilting project! I’m excited to say that my first queen-sized quilt is FINISHED…and so thankful for all the help I’ve gotten along the way from my quilting mentors Laura and Johanna—without you two I wouldn’t have gotten this project finished.

Quilting 104_0035

The last two years have been pretty busy…with work and life but I have been slowly spending time working on hand quilting my quilt.  I worked on it in Pangnirtung and even took it on the road with some of my trips I took for work…working on it in Arctic Bay, Resolute, Grise Fiord and Iqaluit. Quilting 104_0023

These photos took place all over the place! It was fun to join some other like-minded quilting friends when I was in Iqaluit the summer of 2014.  That’s where I met my friend Johanna who became a friend and quilting mentor. Quilting 104_0024

Over the Christmas holidays I pulled my quilt out after not touching it for over 6months… I had the last 4 blocks to finish.  Slowly but surely…I finished off those corner blocks.  The hand-quilting stage was done of this project. (Finally after a year and 1/2 of hard work…)

Quilting 104_0038

I made plans to visit my friend Johanna…who had moved to Trenton, Ontario to finish up my quilt.  I had no clue how to ‘square it off’, make a binding and bind a quilt.  She was the one that helped me bring my quilt to the finish line.

Quilting 104_0030

This past weekend I was enjoying time with her while the temperatures were frigid outside!

Quilting 104_0025

It was so lovely to join Johanna in her quilting studio… some day I’ll have a sewing room like this…until then I’m going to join you in yours….if that’s ok! Quilting 104_0026

…Johanna taught me all kinds of tricks and tips for sewing the strips for the binding together heaps faster.
Quilting 104_0027

So excited to cut off the excess of my quilt but also a bit worried I might mess it up after all the work that I had done so far…(But don’t worry I didn’t mess it up!) Quilting 104_0028

Cutting strips 101… measure twice and cut once!

Quilting 104_0029

…sewing seems to be a repeat of ironing, pinning, and sewing!
Quilting 104_0031 Quilting 104_0032

…turning a few corners, and onto the finish line.  Johanna had this awesome ‘new’ way of completing a binding…no hand sewing–but instead this really awesome finish with a gorgeous dark flange. Quilting 104_0033

I think I spoke too soon… I had to hand sew my label on the back.  It’s important step–every quilt need a label to tell it’s story. Quilting 104_0034

” My first quilt… December 13, 2013- February 14, 2016.  Fabric from my Gramma’s collection–with childhood clothing scraps plus my mum’s maternity dress scraps. All cutting & machine piecing done in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Hand quilted in various Nunavut communities & finished in Ontario. Quilting mentoring and support from Laura & Johanna.  (Candy Store Pattern)”

Quilting 104_0037

The finished project… still makes me SMILE every time I see it on my bed! Things I learned were that even though the project might seem crazy large…break it up in steps and you can figure out it!

Quilting 104_0036

Here’s the other posts where I’ve talked about my Quilting Project:

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4 thoughts on “Quilting 104: Push to the Finish Line…

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  3. Shell D

    It looks great! You did an excellent job on your first quilt. My first one that I ever started, around 10 years ago, is still not finished! But about 2 1/2 years ago I started and finished one that I’m counting as my first real quilt. (I’m up to 8 completed now and another one under the needle).

    This is Michelle D. from JUQ by the way. 🙂

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      That’s awesome… I have a few other projects in the works now, but trying to keep one at a time…until I’m done. (Afraid if I start more than one… I’ll never finish anything!) (I can’t wait to go look at your site!)

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