Update on Milo

It’s been a crazy week of many disappointments.  Today I realized that my last car payment the week before didn’t come out of my account.  At first I was like, “just another thing to deal with…why do banks have to mess up?”.  So I called and my bank looked into my problem of no payment being taken out of my account!  Imagine my surprise when I was told my car had been paid off in full with the last payment…3 weeks prior! Milo

I must admit it was a wee bit painful for 4 years while I was in Nunavut having to pay for a car I couldn’t drive…but in the long run… it all worked out fine!

YES… it’s been a LONG 5 years…but MILO was finally PAID for in full.  That my friends was the BEST news I received this week. I can’t wait to see what new adventures Milo and I will have on the road.

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