Iced Over

iced over_0001

Lately the weather has turned hot…and spring like! All the snow disappeared…and the trees were starting to green up… and buds even started to form.  I knew in my brain it was too soon for spring—that winter would still come back.  But part of my heart hoped it was here to stay.  iced over_0003

Fast forward to this morning.  I woke up to an icy wonderland.  iced over_0002

Looking at the tree buds covered and frozen with ice… made me think it was a perfect analogy to how I’m feeling. I’m alive and breathing…but stuck in time… frozen by the ice but oh so beautiful–even though the ice is killing those perfectly formed buds!

iced over_0004

It’s been a hard 2 months… but I have hope that like today this ice will melt and all will be back to the new normal. iced over_0005

Just after I took these photos the sun came out….and all the ice was melted away within an hour! It’s amazing how fast something so beautiful can enter your life…be with you for a short period and then be gone.

iced over_0007

That gives me hope that this ‘frozen’ feeling I have will be gone with time.  I just need to keep on breathing, moving forward….because eventually life will become un-frozen and it will be time to move on. But right now…I’m frozen and that’s ok too.


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