Happily Ever After…

Even though Saturday morning started out bright blue skies and sunny… at 2pm it was a wee bit cloudy! However, a little cloudy skies and threat of rain did not put a damper on the celebrations.   Meghan and Todd choose an amazing venue to get married- Canmore is gorgeous. Alberta_0054It was a truly awesome day… Meghan you were a stunning bride!



“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ~Dr. Seuss

Alberta_0049 Alberta_0050 Alberta_0055Alberta_0056Alberta_0057Alberta_0051 I ended up catching the bouquet…it’s actually the 2nd one I’ve caught at a family wedding! The first one was at my mum’s 1st cousin’s wedding (Marnie and Hugh) the summer I was 17. This time I’ve caught one at my 1st cousin’s wedding… so I suppose my relationship to the bride and groom is getting closer—but I wouldn’t hold your breathe for me getting married any time soon! Alberta_0052 Thanks for inviting me and letting me share in the celebration of your special day.


Meghan and Todd I send my wishes for a life time of happiness and love and once more I’d like to offer my Congrats!  See you at the Lake next time you are in Ontario!

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