Heading West…

This past weekend my mum and I travelled out to Canmore, Alberta for my cousin’s wedding. It has been a few years since our last mother-daughter trip...it was time to hit the road…and see what trouble  fun we could get into!

(I must admit—this is a PHOTO heavy post, but I’m totally not apologizing for that…it felt good to be out there shooting again!) Alberta_0001

It was an early morning flight–tea was necessary once we got all checked in.  I settled in for our flight to Calgary…I marked a few papers on my way! (Life a prof…sometimes the marking doesn’t end, however…a long flight is a great time to get through some papers!) Alberta_0003

After we picked up the rental we took the road…I just used Google and I ended up not on the the Trans Canada Highway 1 to Lake Louise—but ended up on the 1A…it was a really fun route!

Stopping to smell the wild roses along the way…and excited to see fresh lakes and mountains!! Alberta_0004

This was the first time I’ve been on a plane in 11 months…which is a long time especially after my life and amount of flights I did in the 12 months prior! It was fun to be on an adventure again…travelling, taking photos and laughing with my mum.

…I’m glad I argued with the rental car place and didn’t accept the ‘mini-van’ they wanted to give me…but ended up with a Jeep Patriot.  I felt a wee bit guilty like I was having a secret affair on Milo…but OH did I LOVE driving that JEEP! (It was loaded…leather seats, sun roof (which we never used bc it was soooo chilly!) and satellite radio! Alberta_0006

Lake Louise is beautiful…and I got to see SNOW in June again! (Yes, it snowed briefly the first night we were there…) The last time I was here I was 12…on a road trip across Canada with my Gramma and Grandpa & two brothers! It was nice to return with my mum…Alberta_0007

The food during our trip was amazing…I decided to randomly put together a collage of some of our awesome meals! Alberta_0008

The first night it was pretty cloudy and overcast at the lake…and it was WINDY!
Alberta_0009 Alberta_0010

We had dinner at the Chateau Lake Louise. A brief history of the Chateau… The hotel was first conceived by the railway at the end of the 19th century, as a vacation destination to lure moneyed travellers into taking trains and heading West. It has burned down not once but 2 times in it’s history… it is now part of the Fairmont Hotel Family.  Alberta_0011

The grounds outside of the hotel are so amazing! Mum was very patient with me…letting me run around and take random photos while she sat and enjoyed the scenery and people watching of other tourists! Alberta_0012

We stayed overnight at Deer Lodge…just a 5 minute walk from the lake.  It was such a cool older resort…had so much character! I LOVED it… think squeeky floors, high ceilings, comfortable beds…and old school lodge! Alberta_0014 Alberta_0013 Alberta_0019 Alberta_0015

The next morning before we left we went back to the Lake to see what we could see…but the clouds were pretty low on the mountains, but the lake was oh so amazing in colour! Alberta_0020 Alberta_0016

Our next stop was Moraine Lake…it was SO cold!! I snapped a few photos of the lake–but honestly, it was crawling with people…and hard to get the shots I wanted to get! Alberta_0017

Mum and I stopped in the gift shop to look around…and to warm up! (I didn’t really realize how cold it would be this time of year–I had checked the weather before going, but honestly you’d think a girl that had lived in the Arctic for 5 years would have been better prepared…but I wasn’t…thankfully I did bring a jean jacket!) Alberta_0021 Alberta_0018

The views along the road to Moraine Lake were so amazing! Alberta_0022

The German tourists…saw me taking the selfie on the right.. and offered to take my photo on the left. (mum was safe in the car—she wasn’t a fan of the cliff on the side of the road…) Alberta_0023

We had lunch at the historic railway station in Lake Louise—such great food… mum had the ‘dirty mac and cheese’ (with pulled pork in it)….I must admit I was a wee bit jealous!
Alberta_0024 Alberta_0025

Stops along the road between Lake Louise and Banff… Mountains take my breath away! There’s always time for a mountain selfie!!!
Alberta_0026 Alberta_0027 Alberta_0028

Once we got to Canmore…mum and I decided to try to figure out were the wedding and the reception were going to be held.  The Reception was easy… Got that one down.  However, the wedding address when put into google maps—was a bit more interesting.  I told mum this looks wrong… it’s a 45min drive from Canmore…but she said, “Let’s just try it…” I tried to caution her again…but said, “ok…” Alberta_0032

Our little ‘road trip’ took us high above the town of Canmore…on a twisty road up behind town…then into the wild! Mum and I were surprised to see 3 Elk…a Bear and a small furry animal (which I didn’t get a photo of)…and oh did we laugh… Alberta_0029

The laughter started when google lady said “you have arrived!” we looked at each other…and we were like… it’s a dirt road with TREES on either side… probably not the best place to have a wedding. Alberta_0031

But honestly… that 2 hour return trek (in search of the wedding)…was one of the highlights of my long weekend away! So much laughter.. and fun and the trees, mountains and wildlife = perfect end to a crazy day!

The weekend was just beginning…with a whole lot of surprises and more fun in store! I suppose I’m going to have to blog about that soon!

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  1. Nancy

    I do so enjoy reading about your trips. And reading that your mother is enjoying this one with you was really a great idea.

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      Thank you! Hope you are well…Mum and I do travel well together…every few years we need to do a road trip together. And for a family wedding that was even more fun!

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