Paint Nite FUN!

My friend Emily started earlier this summer hosting Paint Nites… I found out Sunday afternoon she was doing one Sunday night at Wild Wing here in Lindsay.

I’ve been visiting my mum and staying at my house organizing my stuff in my basement apartment here in Lindsay.  I decided I needed a breather from that and wanted to have a wee bit of fun.   So I decided to sign up, lucky for me there was still room in the class!

I have had friends in a few different cities posting about the fun of paint nites.  (Even one of my colleagues in my summer course at RRC did a paint night for her new skill she had to learn!) It was time for me to find out what these ‘Paint Nites’ were all about!
Paint Nite_0007

I went early to help  watch Emily set up… and to have some dinner before we got busy painting and the rest of the painters arrived. This event was the first one held at this venue.  The food and service was amazing…but the space was so tight!! (I’d love to attend one with a wee bit more room to move around… some people were trapped in the corners!)

Paint Nite_0001

We started off the evening with an Oath… then were introduced to our brushes and had fun mixing some colours we would need.  I must tell you…I was a wee bit nervous.  I’ve always been a creative sort, but there’s a part of me that’s a total perfectionist…that sometimes just freezes me.  Paint Nite_0002

Then the scary part started…actually putting paint on the canvas! It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve painted…but slowly but surely with Emily’s guidance and tips I was able to get over myself and paint! Paint Nite_0005

The great things about Paint Nites is that you come with family or friends and enjoy the night… with drinks and painting!! What more could you ask for? Paint Nite_0004 I got to the point where I knew that any more painting or blending would turn my canvas into a mess of browny gunk… so I stopped and looked around! It was so nice to see everyone’s paintings…yes, they are similar…but really they were so individual and unique!
Paint Nite_0003

I’m not sure who was more shocked of our paintings… Emily or me? Paint Nite_0006 Emily…thanks for leading me through this night’s painting. It was so much fun!!  You should totally check out a Paint Nite near you… it’s a really fun night! If you are in Peterborough or Lindsay—you should totally join one of Emily’s next nights… (however, I’m sure all the paint nite hosts are just as fabulous…but Emily is awesome!) Paint Nite_0008

I’m so glad we are still friends…seems like a lifetime ago when we met at LIT’97. (Oh wait it kind of was a life time ago eh? 19 years ago?…) Glad we can still enjoy life’s adventures and have fun laughing.

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