Video Memories from Colorado…

Throughout our long weekend adventures in Colorado…Keenan was busy taking short clips of the stuff we did.  (I took a few, but mainly this was all Keenan!) He was able then to edit all the 15-30second clips into a fabulous video and he even added some music!

The first video is all about our Balloon Trip…. I wrote about it earlier in a blog post. 

This video is a mix of EVERYTHING hiking, Garden of the Gods, Cliff Dwellings...and even trying to drive up a mountain to find the spot in Gold Hill were we were eating!

What an awesome memories thanks Keenan for putting these together.

This is something I really need to figure out.  Now that I have an iPhone 6S…and can take ok, videos..I could totally do this!  ( To be totally honest my SLR can take video too…but the editing scares me…guess that’s just something I’ll have to work on.)

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